WWE Extreme Rules 2011: How Should WWE Utilize Michael Cole Going Forward?

Rob PicarielloCorrespondent IApril 30, 2011

Dating back to December 2010, we have had the privilege of being treated to a Jerry Lawler-Michael Cole rivalry that just won’t end.

Michael Cole has done everything from cause Lawler to lose in WWE Championship matches to disgrace Lawler’s family, including his recently deceased mother.

The sad part of all of this is that Michael Cole has emerged as the top heel in the WWE. Whether it’s just regular heel boos or real hatred for Cole, he is garnering more heat than CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Vickie Guerrero just to name a few.

There are plenty of directions to take the Michael Cole character and I’m going to list a few different ones here, culminating with my ultimate decision towards the end of the article.

First, the WWE could have Michael Cole and Jack Swagger win their match against Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross and have Cole continue on as Swagger’s manager. Cole’s move from the announce table to a managerial role could reignite the value of having an evil manager and propel Swagger into the main event scene.

The above situation could also happen with a Cole/Swagger loss and, while I don’t think either are likely, they are both certainly possibilities.

The WWE could also give the fans the ending most expected at WrestleMania; a quick match where Lawler finally gets his revenge on Cole and leads to the two of them being split up. Having Jim Ross back in the picture opens the door for a JR/King duo on Monday Nights and sends Cole back to where his career really took off, which is SmackDown. A Swagger face-turn has also been all over the dirtsheets and this scenario could facilitate the turn with Cole blaming Swagger for the loss.

While that sounds like the easiest, most predictable scenario, I feel like the WWE is finally going to reveal a bit of information they have been sitting on for a long time.

I believe the conclusion of this Lawler/Cole feud is going to lead to the unveiling of the anonymous Raw general manager. Even though there are plenty of reasons to contradict it, I believe that the WWE will utilize Michael Cole as the Raw GM.

The WWE has never let the truth get in the way of a good story and, even though Cole has been sitting ringside for most of the emails and was even involved in matches when some emails were sent in, Cole will be revealed as the anonymous Raw general manager.

As I said before, Cole is the top heel in the company. He gets the most heat and it only makes sense to evolve his character. He can only do so much from the "Cole Mine" and this scenario will push him into the main event scene where he could do a number of things—whether it’s continue to be aligned with Jack Swagger, help The Miz regain/retain the WWE Championship, depending on the outcome of the title match this Sunday, or any number of things helping the heels on Raw.

Regardless of which direction the WWE decides to take Michael Cole, the first step is to end this feud with Lawler ASAP and get him out of the ring as a wrestler…

But you already know that.

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