UFC 129 Countdown Video: St-Pierre vs. Shields

Michael Evans@@MikeEvansMMACorrespondent IIIApril 29, 2011

UFC 129 Countdown Video: St-Pierre vs. Shields

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    It is now 15 minutes before the weigh-in for UFC 129, the biggest event in UFC history in terms of attendance.  This fight will feature historic moments.  Randy Couture may very well be stepping into the Octagon for the last time, Jose Aldo will be making his Octagon debut in a world title fight and former WEC champion Ben Henderson looks to prove he belongs among the elite of the lightweight class.

    But the most anticipated battle will feature Georges "Rush" St-Pierre and Jake Shields for the UFC welterweight title.  This match has the feeling of an event that the entire world will be watching.  Each man is a top 10 pound-for-pound fighter and both have studied the different martial arts for a lifetime, in a constant personal battle to be the best fighter in the world. 

    St-Pierre will be going for his sixth consecutive title defense and Shields will be trying to capture his sixth world title.  Both men are ruthless ground tacticians who are strong, wily and unmerciful.  What will transpire?  No one really knows the answer to that yet. 

    In this video from Spike TV, GSP and Shields prepare for war in Toronto.

UFC 129 Countdown Video

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    St-Pierre and Shields appeared on Spike TV on UFC 129 Countdown and on the newest edition of the UFC Primetime.  This a clip from Spike TV's UFC 129 countdown.