Tommy Agrees To Resign---But Cullen Shows No Class.

Matt ElmoreContributor IOctober 13, 2008

Well the nightmare that was the Tommy Bowden Era is over!!! He agreed to resign for approximately $3.5 million. We can all exhale and finally get ready to rebuild as a team, and fan base.

The only problem I have with the whole situation is Cullen Harper. This big mouth had the nerve to put down his coach. Now I know that we all called for Tommy's head but if you are a player you need not to show disrespect.

I respected Bowden as the coach of Clemson. I didn't agree with his antics, but I respected him. If you are a player you should never say, "He got what he deserved," that's just disrespectful. It makes me sick to even see his picture now.

I hope that he is not even able to dress out after his little comment. I’m not fighting for Bowden, I just don't believe in disrespect. It’s not a thing that I encourage, and too see a Clemson player show no class makes me sick. If you want to do that go to USC.

But more good news in that the first order of business for Sweeney is that he let Rob Spence go. So for now it seems that all the problems in Clemson are gone. And the only thing left to do is rebuild. I wish the best for all the coaches (including Bowden, and Spence), and hope to finally see Clemson Football reach the potential we have waited so long to see.