Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers; Week Six

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IOctober 13, 2008

Welcome to the sixth edition of "Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers." The article that sparks debate on a weekly basis between the two quarterbacks.

Last week was a bye for the Jets so Aaron Rodgers automatically got the win. Interestingly enough on my recently added authors poll, more than 80 percent of my voters picked Favre over Rodgers despite his bye week. Nice to see B/R has a sense of humor.

Note: I forgot to put the aggregate score on last weeks article. After Rodgers' win in week five the score is Favre 3, Rodgers 2.

On with the show.

Week Six

New York Jets        26
Cincinnati Bengals   16

Brett Favre: 25-33 189 yds, one TD two INTs

The Good-
Favre completed 76 percent of his passes. He started hot and looked like he may have another field day. He was hitting his wide receivers and running backs alike. Favre completed passes to six different receivers, including sixteen combined completions to Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. Favre has continually showed his accuracy as he leads the NFL in passing percentage.

The Bad-
Despite his accuracy, he played sloppy after the first quarter. He tossed a pair of picks trying to make a play. He played it safe with a lot of short passes that often didn't account for much yardage.

When a quarterback completes 25 passes he usually gets more than 189 yards. Favre also had a careless fumble that was returned for a touchdown in the beginning of the game. This fumble didn't end of affecting the outcome as their opponent was the Cincinnati Bengals.

Green Bay Packers     27
Seattle Seahawks      17

Aaron Rodgers: 21-30 208 yds, two TDs (one rushing TD)

The Good-
So much for a bum shoulder. Rodgers returned to his previous form this week as he cut open the Seahawks secondary. 21 of 30? I could not have guessed Rodgers would have been that accurate with his sprained throwing shoulder.

Rodgers was in rhythm and didn't lose a step in his passing. He kept drives alive with short passes to his many wide receivers. On one occasion he also scrambled for 16 yards to keep a crucial Packers drive alive. To finish his stat sheet for the day he accounted for three touchdowns. Two through the air and one on the ground.

The Bad-
Each week Rodgers makes it harder for me to criticize his game. He looked close to flawless this week. No major mistakes and he did this week what I think he has failed to do in other weeks, and that is will his team to win. He gave the Packers the performance they needed to end their losing streak.

I still feel like the Packers' slow starts need to be fixed. Rodgers' offense accounted for ten first half points. Not exactly a great showing. While there has been much improvement in the offense, there is still lots of room to get better.

The Pick
Both quarterbacks take advantage of their division rivals losing as they guided their respective teams to wins. However, Aaron Rodgers was just about the reason the Packers won. He kept drives alive, and finished plays that needed to be finished. Two picks by Favre is hard to ignore as Rodgers had three touchdowns.

Rodgers has won two weeks in a row to lock up the score at 3-3.

Next week the Packers host the high flying Indianapolis Colts. While the Jets get another lowly team as they travel to Oakland to take on the Raiders.

Final Thoughts
Every week I am becoming more and more impressed with Aaron Rodgers. I knew all along he understood the playbook and was in sync with his receivers. So I don't think anybody should be surprised by his performances. The Packers defense is letting him down by letting games get away. Rodgers has shown heart, but is it enough to win the division?

Favre's stats kept rising and rising. I thought he would have another breakout game against the poor Bengals defense. I'm convinced now that Eric Mangini is using Favre smartly. Some weeks letting him loose and throwing all over the place. Other weeks taking advantage of the distraction his mere presence causes, by running the ball 20-25 times. Is this what's best for the Jets? 3-2 says maybe.