Could There Actually Be A Deadline Deal?

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 13, 2008

Trades in the NFL? Not quite as rampant as in the other leagues, and typically involving draft picks. Oh, and they're almost always in the offseason. Does anyone remember any recent deadline deals of note? How many of you even realized the trade deadline is tomorrow?

(And I know, I'm gonna get bombarded with comments saying "I remember this deal!" and "I knew the deadline was tomorrow!" Good for you. You're in the minority. Trades in football aren't as common as they are in other leagues, that's the point.)

But hey, the Giants might make a splash! Check it out—Tony Gonzalez wants to play for a contender, and not just for a team that could contend if he joins them (a la CC Sabathia to the Brewers), but a team already poised for a playoff run.

And guess who could use a tight end...the Giants! Big Blue and Gonzo have been linked for a few days now, and I'd be surprised if a trade doesn't go through.

Sure, the Giants have proven they can win without an explosive tight end. They won the Super Bowl sans Jeremy Shockey last year, and after trading him in the offseason, their offense hasn't exactly let up. Sure, Kevin Boss is a non-factor, but the Giants don't need him to be.

But if there's one area they can improve in, it's the tight-end position. Gonzalez would cement this team as a serious threat to repeat. It would be a good trade for the Giants, a good trade for Gonzalez, and a potentially worthwhile deal for the Chiefs, should they get a decent pick out of it.

Remember how neatly the Brett Favre trade worked for the Jets? This fit is just as nice. I expect this to go down by tomorrow's deadline.