UFC 129 Fight Card: Top 15 Non-Fight Videos of Georges St-Pierre on Youtube

Jonathan R.R. ClarkeContributor IIIApril 29, 2011

UFC 129 Fight Card: Top 15 Non-Fight Videos of Georges St-Pierre on Youtube

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    The time is drawing near, UFC 129 looms around the corner. As anticipation grows and predictions swirl around the main fight, I took time out to find the funniest, most intriguing videos of the UFC Welterweight champ on the Internet.

    These are must-sees for any GSP or any UFC, fan!

    Please enjoy this collection of 15 videos which show the human, down-to-earth side of Georges St.Pierre...

GSP Impersonates Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

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    After this display on The Ultimate Fighter season 12, I think it is best for us all if GSP sticks to fighting!

GSP Gets Called out

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    GSP's shocked and coy reaction when he is called out here shows how much of a nice guy he is. He then diverts onto why he never fights on the street. Because, "It is wrong."

GSP Always Willing to Learn

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    Georges St-Pierre proves here that he is always willing to learn, no matter what or who is teaching him.

    His dedication to keep learning and developing new techniques could be the secret to his dominance! Take note fighters!

Georges St-Pierre Is Not Impressed

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    This classic has spawned many a remake and many a song. Never has such an insult been so polite!

GSP Not Impressed at the Office

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    This is just one of the remakes I was talking about. It's great to see that Georges recognized the catchphrase he had created and embraced it in this comic scene.

Georges St-Pierre at the Desk

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    As part of a similar scene, Georges is sat at his unusual desk in the ESPN offices.

    The man decides, after being offered some sticky notes by GSP, that he would sooner write it on his hand than enter the cage with him. I don't blame him to be honest.

Georges St-Pierre Training After Fight

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    After fighting Dan Hardy, GSP was left perplexed as to why the Brit didn't tap out to his armbar or Kimura. So, immediately after the fight, and in true GSP style, he went back to his dressing room and practiced his technique.

    "How come he don't tap?" 

    Funny is not the word!

GSP Surf Challenge

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    It comes as no surprise, with his well-rounded athleticism, that Georges took very well to surfing on his first attempt.

    Is it just me, or is GSP one of them guys who could turn his hand to any sport and compete very well in it?

GSP Meets Nintendo

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    I thought this was pretty cool. Georges St-Pierre versus Jay Heiron...but retro style.

GSP Mascot Self-Defense Training

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    This is hilarious..."Tiger..uskee..fight!"

    And remember people..."If da mascot as a tail...use it!"

Georges St-Pierre on the Set of Rip:60

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    When shooting for the Rip:60 ad, GSP looks to have had a lot of fun. Enjoy these outtakes!

GSP Training for UFC 129

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    Fitting with this weekend, here we have a video of GSP training for his Fight against Shields. For those of you who have been watching Prime Time, you will already know that GSP has taken up gymnastics into his latest arsenal of weaponry.

    Watch here as he defies gravity and gives an unusual outburst of swearing at the end.

GSP Prom Advice

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    Guys, take note. Georges speaks of how to "andle" a girl and "ow" to treat her.

GSP Fears Alien Abduction

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    I hope you are listening Jake. GSP does have a fear.

    And it is in the form of Aliens!

    However, he has already found a way to oust this fear...by dressing like a ninja...yep. Watch the video, I'm not lying.

GSP Attack

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    Finally, I saved this one till last. For those of you who have ever wondered what it must be like to fight GSP, or what death must look like, look no further. This is GSP like you will have never seen him before (unless you are Josh Koshcheck, or Matt Hughes, or BJ Penn, or...ohh you get the idea).



    Be sure to check back to see my round-by-round predictions of the UFC 129 main event: St-Pierre v. Shields

    Thanks for reading!