Are the NFL and NHL's season openers too close together?

Michael Tombolesi@tombo4117Contributor IOctober 13, 2008

     Just six weeks ago was the NFL's season opener.  Now with this past week, the NHL is starting, and too soon will be the NBA's season opener.

     Being a Bills fan, this year has a been a pretty solid one for Buffalo, going 4-0 for the first time since 1992 and now have a 4-1 record during this past Sunday's bye week.  I don't know about you Bills fans, but doesn't it feel awesome to hold first place single-handedly over those Patriots, Dolphins and J-E-T-S fans?  I am still riding that wave of emotion that Trent has given us for the past 5 weeks, and I can say that i am quite pleased with it.  The Bills have been Buffalo's only buzz the past few weeks and i am really truely enjoying it.

     The Sabres come rolling along with their season/home opener this past Friday night.  Now I love the Sabres just as much as the Bills, even though the Sabres are usually the better of the two teams, I love them equally.  October 10th is too early for hockey to start.  Even with the Sabres coming out on top of Montreal with a 2-1 S/O victory, I am a little ticked off with the local media focusing on the Sabres, especially with the Bills bye week.

     The point I am trying to make here is simple: the NHL shouldn't start until November.  It was only a few months ago when I was watching Detroit beat the Penguins pretty bad last year in the Stanley Cup Finals.  That was too short of an off season.  That may be why the NHL is losing some of its fan base.  The fact that there is 82 games in an NHL season and only 16 games in an NFL season means that the NHL's fan base is on the decline because their isnt enough hype or drama building up into the season.  I mean the NFL plays it's games once a week, compared to the NHL's schedule that can change from 1-4 games a week.

     So in conclusion, due to the lose of rarity found in the NHL they should move their season opener back a month and maybe cut 20 or so games from the schedule.  I mean, its for the fan's sake.