Robert Kubica: The Title Is Still Within My Grasp

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 13, 2008

Robert Kubica—who controversially spoke about Lewis Hamilton's "dangerous driving" this week—still believes he is a realistic Championship contender.

Kubica has been this year's most consistent driver, scoring points in more races than Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. He is now just 12 points behind Championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

"I think you at least have to try, there is nothing to lose," said the Pole, "I think Kimi showed last year that anything is possible."

Kubica is being realistic about his chances by admitting that his BMW doesn't have the pace that McLaren and Ferrari posses.

"The difference (between me and Kimi Raikonnen last year) is that I have two guys in front of me, not one and at normal pace it’s no secret that we are not as fast as (Felipe) Massa and (Lewis) Hamilton, so life is a bit more difficult but everything can still happen."

BMW didn't have the best start to the season as the car wasn't up to speed and he lost a lot of ground on the Championship table.

"Once you are able to be leader after seven races, you should be able to fight for the championship," Kubica said.  "We didn’t improve a lot lately with the car, so this didn’t help me but still, I’m 12 points behind the leader."

Any F1 fan can tell you that the last few races have been unpredictable and this is keeping Kubica in good spirits.

"Over the last three races it shows that everything can be possible.  In Monza we had changeable conditions—I started 11th, I finished third, in Singapore I would easily have finished on the podium, I think."

Kubica believes his passion for driving will help him over come the next two races and maybe find the tenths of a second that could help him on his way to the top.