Ron Dennis: We Won't Hold Lewis Hamilton Back

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 13, 2008

Despite Lewis Hamilton's mistake at Fuji this weekend, McLaren CEO Ron Dennis has said the team won't hold him back and will let him drive his own races.

"Lewis is a racing driver, That's what makes him the driver he is.  He is going to fight for positions at every opportunity—you are not going to stop him doing that," Dennis told British newspaper The Times.

Dennis admitted that with the benefit of hindsight, he believes that Lewis wouldn't have out-braked himself into turn one at the Fuji Speedway, and believes that he would have been more conservative about how he attacked the corner.

McLaren thinks very highly of Hamilton's driving ability as a whole. 

Ron Dennis said, "Some of the things he does leave us in awe of him. The simple fact is he is a great driver and we are going to fight for the world championship, but it's sometimes a bit of an uphill struggle."

Lewis left the circuit immediately after parking his MP4-23 in the garage after Sunday's race, but returned to speak to ITV Sport's Louise Goodman.  He admitted the mistake at the start of the race, but believed it wasn't worthy of a penalty.

When asked about the Fuji incident, Ron Dennis said, "I think the thing that really got to him was the penalty—it really did, he was bitterly complaining about it in the car."

"Without the penalty, we would have still got points, that's for sure."