TO: Winning Persona or Petulant Personality?

Brad JamesCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2008

To quote "superagent" Drew Rosenhaus, who strenuously defends his clients, but seems to have a special "mancrush" on Terrell Owens: "TO just wants to win."

Yes, I guess so.

One of the basic tenants of being in the NFL or any professional league is to have an unquenchable desire to amass victory. However, in the Cowboys' loss to the on the rise Cardinals, what was Owens thinking when he yelled at center Andre Gurode in the first quarter? Does Owens think he can have any semblance of success with shoddy offensive line play?

The receivers must hope for good pass protection so the quarterback can find them, and if any "skill position" player is to call out the line, it should be the quarterback. However, Romo was not seen blaming his line.

Since I despise the Cowboys, it would do my heart good to see TO go Chernobyl and blow up the Dallas locker room. He was his usual petulant self afterwards as he refused to address the media while Wade Phillips just looked like he lost his best friend after that remarkable blocked punt in overtime.

Dallas may be 4-2, but they're more tenuous than any other contender. For how the media loves to spoonfeed us, Cowboys this and Cowboys that, be forewarned that the playoffs are no sure thing. The more performances like this there are for Dallas, the more likely it is that TO will go off the deep end.

The Broncos had a chance at him several years ago and thank heaven they passed. As for the Cards, this was great and they finally seem to be turning the corner. If there's any team in the NFL, or professional sports that's due it's the Cardinals, so congratulations to them.