An Oft Unseen Benefit of BYU Football

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

BYU fans have often discussed the benefits and reasons behind BYU having a football program. The discussions always include the fact that BYU doesn’t spend tithe dollars on football and is followed up by a discussion of the missionary benefits and challenges that BYU football provides. I think those things are interesting, but they don’t nearly cover the depth of impact that BYU football has on BYU fans.

I just finished cleaning up my house. I wish I could say that my motivation for cleaning the house is that I love living in a spotless home. Sure, I enjoy the house being clean, but I did have the BYU game in the back of my head while cleaning. I knew that the BYU game was on this afternoon and I’m fully aware of what will happen if the house is a mess when I sit down to watch a 4 hour (or how long are the games these days…they feel like about half an hour when I’m watching them) football game.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife is very supportive of me watching BYU play football, but there are often unspoken costs if I do so when the house is dirty. I wonder how many other hundreds and thousands of BYU football fans have been motivated to clean the house in preparation for a BYU game.

I’m not saying that BYU football is the best reason or best motivating factor in why you should clean your house. I’m just saying that I think it’s probably a strong motivation for many to do things like clean the house before the game. Not to mention how many sons and daughters see and learn how to clean their house in preparation for a BYU game.

Of course, Elder Oaks has an oft quoted talk about the motivations to serve where he espouses that Love is the best reason (if I’m remembering right). So, I guess using that criteria, Love of BYU football is the reason many people are found cleaning their house today.

For me….House clean!! Bring on New Mexico!!