NFL Draft 2011: The Denver Broncos Look to Blindside Everybody with First Pick

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NFL Draft 2011: The Denver Broncos Look to Blindside Everybody with First Pick
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Von Miller Now the Rumored Pick For Denver, Not Marcell Dareus

As the 2011 NFL Draft begins, rumors are everywhere the Broncos will pass on Marcell Dareus and take Von Miller instead. made the report late in the evening Thursday, noting even ESPN's Adam Schefter had tweeted the news.


If it’s really just a smokescreen, they’ve blinded basically every national reporter.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is the latest to jump aboard the Miller-to-Denver bandwagon, hearing there is a “90%” chance Miller goes to Denver.  A number of other outlets have reported similar things on Thursday after NFL Network’s Kara Henderson kicked off the fun last night.

Schefter is a pretty reliable source and if he is wrong on something, there usually is a good reason for it (someone lied to him).

Of course, by the time most of you read this, it will be a moot point as the pick will have been made, so let us look at what both players bring to the table.

Marcell Dareus is considered one of the best defensive lineman in the league while Von Miller is considered the best linebacker on the board.

The Broncos really "can't miss" on either pick, but then again, they can.

Miller is better suited to a 3-4 defense but the Broncos are running a 4-3. While Miller technically would have to learn a new position, he should be able to do that if he is as talented as he appears to be.

Dareus looks to be a perfect fit for the Broncos and just makes more sense.

The last-minute smokescreens always pop up, so the good news for the Broncos is their tactics are working if the goal was to create chaos.

The Broncos have three picks in the first two rounds, but the second overall pick in the draft is one you want to get right. Since more money is riding on the pick, it is important there is no doubt the player you are selecting will have a good chance to succeed.

Either way, both players are very talented and the Denver defense needs upgrades at almost every position.

With the AFC West very much up for grabs this year, good drafting will help the Broncos get an edge in the division.

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