WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Where Are Layla and Michelle Heading?

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WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Where Are Layla and Michelle Heading?

Note: This post does contain spoilers on the upcoming episode of Friday Night Smackdown, and the WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

On the forthcoming episode of Smackdown, Michelle McCool and Layla El will compete in their first singles match since 2008. The match will end in a double-countout and a rematch will be made for Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view event, except it will be a "No Disqualifications, Loser Leaves The Brand" match.

Pretty exciting, no?

While all of these reports may rouse much excitement for Diva fans, there's something that's been bugging me about all of this. What happens after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event? I mean, obviously the loser will be heading over to the Raw brand, but who will it be?

I personally believe that both have earned spots on the main show, but if one has to go it should be Michelle McCool. The reason being that not only has Michelle done all there is to do on the Blue Brand, but it would also benefit Layla as well. Let's be real, if Layla goes to Raw she's only going to get lost in the shuffle of Bellas, Kellys and Eves. It's not in her favor.

Whereas, if she stays on Smackdown (the A Show for the Divas), she will no doubt be used to her fullest potential. Layla is clearly the face in this new angle with McCool, and face Divas are something Smackdown is severely lacking at the moment, let alone credible ones. So, it's only right that she stay there with Natalya and build a new character on her own.

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Besides, if Michelle stays, she's going to remain in the spotlight and women like Alicia Fox will still be shoved to the back of the roster. I think now is the perfect opportunity for the WWE to build up their newer generation of wrestlers in every capacity. Alicia Fox has a spark about her that no one can take away, but lately she's hit a big standstill in the ring. Smackdown is the perfect place for Alicia to explore and try new things in the ring that she couldn't on Raw.

The only thing keeping Michelle from losing is that her husband, The Undertaker, is on Smackdown. As for Layla, the fact that there are no credible face Divas on the show (excluding Natalya) is her only glimmer of hope to stay on Smackdown. So it's pretty much 50/50 at this point. Any one of the two could lose this coming Sunday.

But for her sake, I hope it isn't Layla.

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