Icing the kicker, a viable strategy?

Michael TombolesiContributor IOctober 12, 2008

     Hey Bills fans, remember how excited we were last year for the first Monday Night Football game in Buffalo for 13 years?  Remember how excited we were the entire game until the closing seconds when Nick Folk sent the 51 yard dagger through the up rights and giving the Cowboys their first and only lead at the most crucial time?  Because I remember that horrible feeling, but I also remember what happened before Folk buried the 51 yarder.

     As the Cowboys were about to snap the ball, Dick Jauron called time out.  Even though the whistle was blown, they snapped it and Folk blasted the ball perfectly through the up rights, even though it didnt count.  I felt good when I saw that because i thought that it would be harder to make it two times in a row.  I thought wrong because right after that time out, bam, he drills it again defeating the Bills in heart-breaking fashion.

     Ken Whisenhunt also made the wrong choice this past Sunday.  Folk lined up from 52 yards out and right before the snap, there goes the whistle.  Whisenhunt calls time out while his Cardinal's block the field goal and end the game-too bad their head coach called time out.  The next play Folk kicks the game tieing field goal to send the game into over time leaving the fate of the game out of their hands.

     Both Whisenhunt and Jauron chose to call time out and both games were left in the fate of the other teams hands.  All in all, I think that it is a poor decision to attempt to "ice" the kicker because many kickers have personally said that if anything it helps them because they have more time to prepare.  Atleast we now all know what coaches are doing when facing Dallas in late game situations, and that's to roll with the punches.