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What type of sports fan are you?

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What type of sports fan are you?
What type of sports fan are you? Are you a realistic but passionate fan or are you an uneducated bandwagon fan? While watching LSU loss to Florida this weekend, I realized how much I despise being around uneducated bandwagon fans. So what classifies a fan as a realistic but passionate fan and a uneducated bandwagon fan?

The realistic but passionate fan is one who takes pride in his/her team and understands the teams strengths and weaknesses which allows them to have realistic expectations. If you are a Detroit Lions fan you are not expecting them to make the playoffs, but you enjoy watching them and hope they can pull of a few wins and you take pride in them beating the teams they do beat. Also, no matter how bad your team is you are not afraid to show team pride. If you are this person, you are a “posifan”

On the other hand, the uneducated bandwagon fan is the fan who will bash the team when they are down but the second the team starts to win he/she is the first to say how big of a fan they are and has always been. They know more than any coach that has ever coached the game and as for as they are concerned, players on his/her team are expected to be perfect.

If you attend a game, the uneducated bandwagon fan is yelling at the players after every play. If something goes wrong, this person always has a better play that would have worked. This fan is a “negafan”.

If you are reading this it is more than likely you are a posifan, but if you are a negafan please do us all a favor and become a student of the game before you make ridiculous comments that will only embarrass yourself.
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