Philadelphia Phillies in '08: Better or Worse?

Colin JohnsonContributor IJanuary 17, 2008

The Phillies had been rolling this past season and stuck to shortstop Jimmy Rollins' prediction that they would win their division.

Think they could do it again?

The Fightin' Phils have made some pretty good moves over the offseason by getting some younger players and some more experienced players as well.

We'll start with the Phils losses. The Phils lost catcher Rod Barajas, who lost the job in the past season to Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste. They also got rid of Abraham Nunez, who was known for his fielding and speed, but certainly not for his bat.

They lost right-hander Geoff Geary, who was doing nothing but help the Phillies lose last season as well as outfielder Michael Bourn, a young and speedy player who is becoming more and more handy with the bat. The Phils main loss this season was centerfielder Aaron Rowand, who signed with the Giants.

The Phils did gain a lot throughout the offseason though. They signed a truckload of minor leaguers to start off the gains.

They also signed pitcher J.C. Romero, who put up pretty good numbers with the Phils last year, to a three-year deal. They acquired Brad Lidge from the Astros in a trade for Geoff Geary and Michael Bourn. They also signed outfielders So Taguchi and Geoff Jenkins.

So with these gains and losses, do you think the Phils will be able to repeat their crown at the top of the NL East, or will their losses do them in for another slump?