UFC 129 Fight Card: Shocking Numbers and Excitement Surround UFC 129

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UFC 129 Fight Card: Shocking Numbers and Excitement Surround UFC 129
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After watching MMAJunkie's presentation of the UFC 129 pre-fight press conference, it appears the UFC has officially arrived in full force in Toronto.

A couple of things were mentioned to Dana White a few times in the presser, such as the amount of revenue it will bring to the area and the sheer number of people that will travel to Toronto.

UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright brought some staggering numbers to the table, saying, "In terms of tickets for this event, all 10 provinces, all three of our territories, 48 out of 50 states—every single continent except for Antarctica is coming." 

When you think about that on a global scale, what does it say for how well-traveled MMA fans are? I mean, in sports you have Red Sox fans traveling to Baltimore, Los Angeles, etc., and in other sports like football, hockey and basketball, I'm sure there's certainly state-to-state crossover.

But at least one person from every continent aside from Antarctica is attending UFC 129? That is staggering news from the UFC, and one I'm proud to report as an MMA fan and columnist.

Wright followed that up by saying the event is expected to bring nearly $30-40 million in revenue to the surrounding area. If only stadiums were larger everywhere, they could expect the same gains as Rogers Centre will see with this event.

Another noticeable feature of the presser happened to be the atmosphere surrounding the card. As mentioned in another Bleacher Report article this week, White reemphasized the buzz surrounding Saturday night's fights.

"We thought this would be the biggest ever. The question was by how many," White said. "This fight really is like UFC 100 for us."

If the fights live up to the hype, the world may be ready to embrace MMA with open arms—or at least may be a little more willing to with our current economic deficit.

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