WWE Draft 2011: A Look at 41 Superstars Who Did Not Move To a New Show

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIApril 28, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: A Look at 41 Superstars Who Did Not Move To a New Show

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    As a brief bit of extra spotlight, amid all the talk of people who made moves during this year's WWE Draft, I thought I'd put together an examination of each of the folks who weren't drafted.

    As we can surmise, the people who were drafted one way or another are easily folks that WWE have some level of confidence in.  Since the Draft isn't entirely random, we can figure that there was some purpose for just about all the moves made, even if some moves seem slightly illogical.

    Thus, what about the people who weren't drafted?  Were all of them unimportant?  Will many of them continue to go unnoticed and end up released?  Or, were some just too good a fit where they were and too important on the show they inhabited to make sense moving to the other show?

    Let's take a trip through the WWE.com listed rosters (barring errors such as Ranjin Singh, for example, who is still listed on the Raw roster, even though he's moved to Smackdown with Khali) and think on where they could go from here and how well they fit where they are.

The Bella Twins

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    Monday Night Raw is the flagship show, so let's start there.  We'll go in alphabetical order so as not to put anyone in order of priority or preference.

    Both Bellas are staying put on Raw for now.  Brie is the current Divas Champ, Nikki her occasional mid-match replacement.  Aside from using their Twin Magic to acquire the belt from Eve, who was a last minute filler for a 4-way match made by the Raw GM back at the Royal Rumble causing Natalya to lose the title, and a short drama with Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim, the Bellas haven't been drawing too much attention.

    While I won't say they're useless, placeholding the Divas belt seems like a good idea for now.  Unless WWE has a distinct rivalry in mind for Kharma to enter into that's outside of the title picture (which may be a good idea), having Kharma appear and annihilate the Bellas might be a sound plan.

    Thus, they're good where they are for now.

CM Punk

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    Articles up on this site right now are discussing the possibility and interest of CM Punk taking some time off.  One of the best in the business today, both in the ring and on the microphone, CM Punk's fans are legion and even though he plays a terrific heel, he's an entertainer through and through.

    While lots of people would hate to see him go, I'd like to think many would hate even more to see the guy so burnt out that he can't perform at the top of his game.  If he's interested in taking some time off, possibly after Extreme Rules, drafting him to Smackdown would be a bad idea, not to mention a waste of a draft pick that can put spotlight on someone else who might be sticking around longer.

    On the chance that CM Punk isn't actually going anywhere, truthfully, CM Punk belongs on the Raw brand anyway.  His huge personality and dramatic promos are a perfect fit for Raw's theatrical approach.

    Whether he stays or goes, CM Punk didn't need to be drafted. 

David Hart Smith

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    Also being discussed right now is DH Smith considering a move to MMA.  Who knows if this has any legs, whether he gets a deal or not, but regardless, Smith's been largely under the radar lately.

    A potential feud with former tag partner, Tyson Kidd, not only fell limp shortly after it started, but Tyson's now on Smackdown, so unless he gets swept up into a feud next week on Raw or finds some new role as a surprise participant in some face shenanigans, there doesn't seem to be a lot of place for him.

    I'm reluctant to say that he's a likely release.  His father was the British Bulldog, and even guys like Ted DiBiase Jr, whose records have looked pretty bad, I feel are pretty safe.  Second and third generation guys have wrestling in their blood, and it's pretty disrespectful to fire the kids of Legends.

    Granted, Lacey Von Erich was released from TNA recently, but from what I saw of her on Impact, her skills in the ring weren't doing much for the image of the company.

    DH Smith probably has something, but isn't accomplishing much.  He probably would've benefitted from a move to Smackdown, but if he's interested in leaving for a bit, again, wasteful of a draft pick to move him around.

David Otunga

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    Nexus Original, key member of New Nexus and a great talker.  Maybe not as polished on the microphone as other current stars, but he at least has a decent enough level of charisma to make things happen when cutting a promo.

    He wasn't drafted in any direction, but that's probably a good thing.  For one thing, being a good talker makes him a good fit for Raw's theatrical style of entertainment.  For another, if CM Punk leaves the company, it would put Otunga in an interesting position as far as Nexus' fate.  Other than Punk, the group is down to three members, it's been faltering fast and hard lately and without its new leader, it has the chance to either change course, change approach, or break up.

    Depending on Otunga's motives, courage and plans, David can either take the reigns, split off or redirect.  Point is, David's a good personality for Raw and makes sense where he is.  If he were to go to Smackdown, his deficit in in-ring skill would be much more prominent next to guys like Sheamus, Bryan, Sin Cara, Regal, etc.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero

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    Just recently fired from Smackdown by Teddy Long, Ziggler's reappeared on Raw thanks to his business partner, Vickie Guerrero, who is also on Raw.  Dolph also just recently debuted a new sleeker and shorter brown haircut, labeled by Vickie as the "new and improved" Dolph Ziggler.

    Had their relationship been as romantic as it was before the two of them were booted from Smackdown, I'd say their dramatic coupling would be a perfect match for Raw, however lately, the two of them seem to be coasting.

    As I said, they're now "business partners," so there's no more awkward "cougar stalks her prey" going on, Dolph seems to have lost much of his animated nature that kept him unique on Smackdown and aside from stealing a victory over Randy Orton in the first round of the Gauntlet #1 Contender's match two weeks ago, Dolph's loss in the second round to R-Truth shows a considerable lack of dedication on Vickie's part.

    Simply put, why isn't she cheating for him anymore?

    Dolph's unhappy, Vickie's not trying as hard to help him.  What's the point?  Maybe a breakup could keep Raw interesting, but at the heart of things...

    While it would've added some considerable drama to have them both be drafted right back to Smackdown after getting fired, they weren't.  Dolph's talented, Vickie's a good heel, and as long as Dolph can get back some of the things that made him stand out at one time, he might be a perfect fit for Raw after all.

    Until then, I'd hate to think he wasn't drafted because he wasn't important enough and the new look is just giving them a reason to fire him for good.

Evan Bourne

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    Just returned from a major injury, got a victory over Sheamus on his first night back, though hasn't been making too many waves after that.

    Probably would've been good to send him to Smackdown, as there's plenty of others there along his lines.  Sin Cara was just drafted, as was Bryan.  There seems to be far more competition potential on Smackdown, however Evan is definitely exciting to watch.

    If he can get some more mic time, maybe get entered into a good feud, we can see some good reason to keep him on Raw.  Otherwise, he may get lost in the shuffle. 


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    Just lost the Divas Title to Brie Bella a couple weeks ago, and her win at the Royal Rumble against Natalya and Laycool was seen as random, to say the very least.

    However, on the night she lost the title, she did show a bit of anger when she yelled at Natalya and Gail over the idea that the Divas are all basically the same, and how they didn't show solidarity in helping her retain against Twin Magic.

    Aside from being a former multi-time Divas Champion, she's been showing slight improvements in her skills and during some of her promos, she's shown surprisingly decent mic work.  With a little polish and more visibility, she could prove much more entertaining than she's been recently.

    Not too bad a fit for Raw, so understandable keeping her where she is.

Gail Kim

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    Lately, all we've seen of her is being at the side of Daniel Bryan during an extraordinarily fabricated romantic quarell between Bryan, Gail and the Bellas.  Other than that, she's put in some good matches on Superstars against Divas like Alicia, though I'm not sure if management watches that program.

    She's one of the most talented Divas WWE has and has largely been underutilized since her return.  Had she moved to Smackdown with "boyfriend" Bryan, she might've been able to put in quality matches and get visibility and respect for her skills, however for now, she's still on Raw.

    Many have hoped that when Kharma debuts that Gail will step up to fight her.  Having not seen any of their bouts in TNA, I'm included in that fraction of the IWC, though I have my doubts that will be how things turn out.  WWE doesn't seem to like reigniting feuds that occurred in other companies.

    Considering when Gail's current contract is up, her desire to re-sign and WWE's own desire to re-sign her, it's difficult to tell if she'll be around long enough for drafting her to have mattered.  She's a strong enough competitor and has enough dramatic potential to be a good fit for Raw, however if she's kept this far under the radar for much longer, they "won't have anything else for her to do."

    And we all know what happens then...


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    Another kid of the game, son of Dusty Rhodes, the Goldust character has been around since I was in High School.

    He had a brief storyline with Ted Jr in stealing the Million Dollar Belt and a weird relationship/kayfabe marriage to Aksana that ended kind of bumpy.  He's been on the shelf with an injury and filming a movie in the meantime.

    Goldust is a fantastic wrestler who's been involved in great feuds over the years, his mic work is entertaining and his unique gimmick lends itself to almost limitless possibilities for drama.  Since he's out right now, it's understandable that he wasn't going to get drafted.  But if he makes a return in 2011, I'd say Raw would be a perfect place for him to come home to.

    After all, he's pretty much the epitome of what drama means.  And if, let's say, Tyler Reks, recent draft to Raw, makes enough of a splash, can't you just see how amazing it would be for Goldust to challenge the big man?  His feud with Razor Ramon over the Intercontinental Title was classic.

    A similar angle with Tyler Reks could prove extraordinarily fun to see play out.

Husky Harris

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    Last I heard of this guy on Bleacher Report, he was written off Raw to lose weight because management didn't like his look, and was in FCW nurturing a strange new gimmick.

    Yet another kid of the game, son of Mike Rotunda aka IRS, if they can keep Husky around (even if he loses some of the huskiness), I'm sure they will.  Harris may not be the exact equal to a guy like Samoa Joe but if they nurture the fact that he's a big man who's incredibly agile and skillful in the ring, they have that market well cornered.

    Husky is still listed in Raw's roster on WWE.com and he was not drafted or spotlighted in anyway this week.  If he returns to WWE TV at some point, I'd saw Raw presents him with some good options.  His promos as a part of New Nexus really showed an exceptional dark side of him, and his prowess in the ring is incredibly intense.

    Husky has Raw written all over him.

John Morrison

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    Mainstay on Smackdown for a while, former ECW Champion and was drafted to Raw last year, I believe.

    Fans go back and forth on whether this guy has a future in the company, and articles have filtered in by the truckload about Morrison's behavior backstage, his seemingly open relationship to real life girlfriend Melina, his treatment of Trish during Wrestlemania, etc.

    Right now, he seems to be in a good position.  He's involved in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules against Miz and Cena for the WWE Championship, and although many think his chances to win are next to none (especially with R-Truth as the wild card now out of the match proper and itching for revenge on his former friend), if he were to capture the WWE Title, Raw would be a perfect place to hold it.

    His look, his style and the potential for him to improve his mic skills to being more entertaining, all of it screams Raw to me.  He's a larger than life character, and Raw is the place for larger than life characters.


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    Here's an interesting one.  Ted DiBiase Jr was drafted to Smackdown during the Supplementals yesterday, however Maryse is still currently on Raw.  She defeated Natalya, a well-respected former Divas Champion, the other day and has been "hosting" NXT as of late.

    Maryse was not drafted to Smackdown with Ted and I find that to be a great move on WWE's part.  The two of them had been coasting in their dysfunctional relationship, distracting each other and not taking their relationship anywhere new.  I'd even written a Role Reversal article on Ted DiBiase regarding this very issue that I may need to edit or trash as a result of this development.

    With the two of them split up, Ted's focus can be on succeeding on Smackdown, whereas Maryse can focus on finding new dramatic adventures on Raw.

    Another situation where I'm reluctant to say she's a likely candidate to get kicked out.  She's proven she has potential, she has a great look and if she's not 100% credible as an in-ring competitor, she's at least a terrific valet/manager, which really shouldn't be frowned upon.  That's still a big job.

    Sunny didn't make her bones in WWE as a wrestler, she made it as a valet/manager and she was just inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Maryse can reach those same heights if allowed to start new dramas without Ted.

Mason Ryan

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    I can't tell you how happy I am to see this guy still around.

    I didn't follow him much in FCW, but for a guy who's been outward about the fact that he doesn't feel he's ready for the big stage of Monday Night Raw (per articles I've read here), he could be doing a hell of a lot worse.

    His strong accent hinders a bit of his mic work, but his incredible size, his animalistic nature and his destructive force have all been welcome on Monday Nights.  Despite mainly being muscle for New Nexus, Mason's definitely got some wrestling skills underneath that I'd love to see come out.

    Like others in Nexus, Mason wasn't drafted, however I'm not sure that's a determinant of his lack of worth.  More spotlight has been undoubtedly been shone on the drafts from one show to the other, however in cases such as Mason Ryan, I find it hard to believe that we're going to see him vanish from our screens any time soon.

    Potential, this guy's got it.


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    Seemingly, the "heart" of John Morrison's alleged problems backstage, Melina was conspicuous by her absence from any of this week's drafts.

    She made a major splash during her return last year and even captured the Divas Title (or was it still the Women's Championship then?), however after losing the belt, she turned heel in what many considered a pretty amazing fashion...and then faded back pretty considerably.

    Melina is certainly talented in the ring.  Even if she's not a classic mat wrestler, her skills are certainly unique to her in the larger scheme of the WWE landcape.  She's been included in significant levels of drama on Raw, so her usefulness on the more theatrical brand is at least fair.

    Are there better looking Divas than Melina?  Maybe a couple.  Could her spot be better fit with others like AJ or Naomi from NXT Season 3, who are likely less volatile and safer to have backstage?  Perhaps.

    If she can get her act together, they give her some more TV time, and let her steal a mic or two from time to time, her entertainment value could soar again.

    Let's see what happens on this one.  She's not integral to the process, but it'd something of a shame to see her go, too.

Michael McGillicutty

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    Yet another kid of the game, son of Mr. Perfect.  Mike's said to have a generic look, I suppose I agree to some extent, but he does show promise and is pretty skilled in the ring.

    He's likely not going anywhere, but if Nexus should happen to split up or CM Punk leaves, maybe McGillicutty can add something to it that wasn't there before.

Michael Tarver

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    I really felt during NXT Season 1 that he showed a lot of promise as well.  He was called Mr. 1.9 because he'd knocked a guy out in that much time.  Has to stand for something, I tell you.

    His sporadic appearances on Raw and Smackdown, after returning from an injury that took him out of Nexus, showed incredibly stealthy potential for devious storylines that could have involved him being in the pocket of powerful people, like the anonymous Raw GM, Vince, Triple H, among lots of others.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't returned to WWE TV since those appearances, he certainly wasn't found in any of the drafts and is nowhere on current fans' radar.  Will he get released?  A part of me hopes not, but I don't think I'd go crazy missing him.

    He may have potential, but not much in the way of character yet.  He had something great as Nexus' masked assassin, however getting taken out of that equation as quickly as he was lowers his appeal pretty considerably.  He could always be brought on by another heel group, but with Nexus weakening and Corre on the verge of breaking up, he'd need to be at the side of someone of much more import to be kept relevant.


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    Great talent, lost to Sin Cara in the masked man's debut, but put up a decent showing aside from slipping on the top rope.

    Primo isn't necessarily expendable, but he's another who hasn't made much impact and has been underutilized.  He wasn't drafted, though moving to Smackdown might've been a better fit if he's looking to show his chops in competition.

    Hopefully, he's given a stronger, more marketable angle, otherwise we may not see him around anymore.


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    Just turned heel, and boy did he ever!

    Truth is a great example of how much attention you can get by simply getting pissed off at a friend who screwed you over.  I'm not sure how fans feel about Truth getting so much TV time to express such rage, but in my opinion, the amount of TV time was well-deserved.  You make a big swerve like turning a beloved face into a bitter heel, especially after such turns have gone largely by the wayside in recent years, it deserves time to simmer and cook into something even tastier.

    This past Monday, Truth was announced by Justin Roberts and I was hoping we'd hear a new heel entrance song for the guy, but he just stepped out to the stage and spoke.  He did incredibly, working with the crowd and acting frustrated, it was really well done.  Truth is more of a character in a lot of peoples' eyes now and even though he's still going to get booed, I appreciate his character more and love what he's doing for the product.

    R-Truth is exceptionally animated, has a great look, and has terrific skills on the microphone for a guy with such a raspy voice.

    He's a great fit for Raw and needed no draft.

Santino Marella

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    Not spending a lot of time on this guy...

    He's a somewhat entertaining character who needs to lose far more than he does.  His Cobra is ridiculous and should be blocked by everyone and their grandma.  He's on Raw because of his entertainment value, not his wrestling skill.

    He should stay on the entertainment brand.  No draft needed.

Skip Sheffield

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    Still listed as a Raw competitor, he's been out recouping from a broken ankle suffered last year.

    He should be healing fairly well by now, if he hasn't already, and even though he wasn't drafted, I feel like his return to WWE TV might be soon.  According to articles on this site, Skip is viewed as having great potential as a babyface, and many of us here agree whole-heartedly.

    Skip's return can't come soon enough, but when he finally does arrive, Raw might be a great place for him.  He's big and powerful, and if he shows up as a babyface, he'll likely be animated just enough to have the kind of personality Raw needs.

The Miz

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    Not drafted, but to say the guy fits Raw like a glove is an understatement.

    Since winning the WWE Title from Orton last November, Miz has been getting better and better in the ring, improving every time he grabs a mic, and has been stepping up his game more and more.  He appears on late night talk shows fairly regularly and if his role as a heel were reversed with, say, John Cena's role as a face?  The Miz might very well be the "face of WWE."

    Will he rise to that role immediately?  Certainly not, but he's on his way.  His personality and charisma are great for Raw and would likely get overshadowed by the talent that's going on over at Smackdown.

    Miz is just fine where he is.

Vladimir Kozlov

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    To be honest, I didn't have much hope for this guy when he first debuted as he just seemed like such a stereotypical Russian cartoon character.  He proved to be pretty talented in his feud with Undertaker and the fact that he's such a stiff guy means that his ability to play straight man to Santino's poor use of the English language is pretty strong.

    However, with Santino and Kozlov holding the tag team belts for as long as they did was an absolute joke, especially since it was Santino who won most of those matches and not the more talented Kozlov.  I rather liked Vladimir's position at Regal's side as a knight next to Zeke, however I like Zeke a lot better in a group like Corre than beside Regal.

    I really wouldn't miss Vlad all that much.  He gets repackaged, maybe we'll talk.  Otherwise, he didn't get drafted, he's not in line for any titles, and Raw has plenty of other big and powerful new faces to nurture that aren't racial stereotypes.

    I put Vlad at the top of my list for a pink slip.  Don't need him, don't want him.

Zack Ryder

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    Woo Woo Woo...I know it!

    This man wasn't drafted, but maybe he didn't need to be.  People were saddened when he wasn't moved to Smackdown as they saw it as his big chance to get a much needed restart.  However, if he had gone to Smackdown, his extremely entertaining personality would have been buried among all the talent that would've overshadowed him.

    Zack's a great wrestler but there's way greater talent waiting on Smackdown now to crush him in matches.  I think Zack's a better fit for Raw, and if he can finagle a way back onto our screens for even a chance to prove his worth, I say there's a good possibility they can keep him.

    However, if all anyone looks at his record and the fact that he's been a mainstay on Superstars, he may be seeing the door.  With his style, I really don't think there would be much of a place for him in TNA.  Exactly how many of their talents are going to be self-made YouTube superstars?  They already have Matt Hardy, they bring in Zack Ryder, too, and it's just going to start a wild precedent.

    Like I said, WWE should just give him a chance.  Put him into a mic war with a heavy-hitter on promos and see how Zack fares.  If he gets no response from the crowd, hand him his resignation and say adios.

    If he wows?  Let him rack up some victories and see where things go from there.  What do they stand to lose by giving him a chance?  They've put silly bits on Smackdown with Teddy Long and Hornswoggle (more on that later), they dragged out Ted and Maryse, they put a phenomenal wrestler like Daniel Bryan into a joke of a romantic drama...

    One Long Islander with a mic can get way better response than all that nonsense. 

Brodus Clay

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    Now, onto Smackdown's non-drafted bunch and we start with Alberto Del Rio's former bodyguard/enforcer, Brodus Clay.

    I like this guy, with the exception of his shirts being really boring and just displaying his name as if he forgets it all the time.

    Brodus' original NXT mentor was Ted DiBiase and I honestly called it that Brodus would be a perfect fit with Ted, as Brodus has experience on his resume protecting a rich guy.  So far, Ted hasn't done a lot of throwing around of his money, the exception being buying Maryse shiny things, but with Brodus staying on Smackdown and Alberto moving to Raw, maybe Brodus can find employment with someone else.

    He has a big intimidating presence, lots of power and a scary look.  He gets to the side of someone else looking for protection and actually protects them successfully, we may find Brodus staying strong on our screens and the man getting a good jump-off point to get visibility.

Chavo Guerrero

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    Nephew of the late Eddie Guerrero, I'm going to make a bold statement and say that if Vickie practically has tenure in WWE, then Chavo pretty much does as well.

    Which may account for why his record is the way it is.  If he's in a career position where he doesn't have to worry too much about losing, and WWE isn't interested in getting rid of him, then he can take losing more seriously than anyone else on the roster, especially the newer guys who are more likely to get frustrated at having to lay down for people all the time.

    In essence, like other company guys who come from wrestling blood, Chavo can look like the best loser on the whole roster until they decide to give him his big chance.

    Will that come soon?  Honestly, I hope so.  Not only has Chavo himself been made to look foolish, but he had to play that ridiculous Kerwin White character.  Click the link to see him enter the ring with a younger Nic Nemeth (pre-Dolph Ziggler) as his golf caddy.

    No, I really don't see Chavo going anywhere.  He's fine on Smackdown as he has plenty of wrestling talent thanks to his late uncle and family line, and isn't nearly as likely to get into compelling drama or theatrics that would be better suited on Raw.  He just needs to wait for his opportunity.  Mark Henry's in a similar position, as he's never worn major gold either aside from the ECW Title.

    Chavo's fine.  No need to worry about him.


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    Wanted to find a picture of this guy holding an important championship belt, as it's likely something we should get used to seeing, like it or not.  This guy wasn't drafted, but to say he's in a bad spot because of it is just insulting.

    He has a shot to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match against Alberto at Extreme Rules.  Some are saying he'll win the belt out of pity for Edge retiring.  Honestly, so what?  He's been passed over so many times for major title opportunities in WWE, is he not at least a little due to hold the World Heavyweight Championship?  Holding a belt like that will mean he'll be garnering major spotlight, he'll have a mic in his hand most of that time, and besides, did you not hear the massive pops he received standing at the top of that ladder?

    He beat Alberto in competition numerous times shortly before Wrestlemania 27 and thanks to his friend Edge giving him the nod, Christian is easily in line for a World Title reign coming very soon.

    Is he a guaranteed win at Extreme Rules?  Perhaps not, but his chances are incredibly good.  With Miz holding the WWE Title as a massive heel since November, it's been nice to have Edge be a babyface World Heavyweight Champion to balance out WWE's chi a little.  Alberto is now technically on Raw and has been an even bigger heel than Miz since arriving, so for him to win the World Title now?

    Unless the idea is to give him the title and have Miz confront him in a quick attempt to turn Miz face?  I doubt Alberto's winning that one.

    Christian has a chance to be Mr. Smackdown and a win at Extreme Rules would solidify that 100%.  Yes, Alberto had great momentum leading up to Wrestlemania and failed, and he's keeping that momentum going leading up to Extreme Rules.  But to all the cynics out there, Alberto is an amazing entertainer and has only been in WWE for a short time.

    He can afford another loss, a victory or two in some other high-profile feuds and then another World Title shot down the road.  This is Christian's time and we should enjoy it for what it is.

Cody Rhodes

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    I've heard him referred to as the American Nightmare and his hooded coat kind of reminds me of Anakin Skywalker just a tad.

    Yet another kid of the game, another kid of Dusty Rhodes, Cody has been a masterful piece of drama and an exceptional talent in the ring.  Much like D'Lo Brown's stint wearing body armor, I'm not a big fan of Cody's misuse of his "protective" mask, however as a heel, Cody's got crowds wrapped around his little fingers.

    Honestly, he could've gone either way.  His dramatic character would've easily been a good theatrical fit for the entertainment and adventure of Monday Night Raw, and his in-ring talent presents him with lots of good rivals on Smackdown.

    He's poised to face Rey Mysterio in what could be their final battle for a while, which is fine, as Cody can move on to others on the Smackdown roster to further his Phantom of the Opera gimmick.

    One of the few on this list who would be a great fit on either brand.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    The final ECW Champion, he had a brief stint on Raw to only moderate success, but was moved in a promotional campaign to Smackdown where he joined three Nexus Originals as the muscle-bound powerhouse in The Corre.

    Zeke's strength is near unmatched in WWE and I would've loved to see him in a classic bout with Big Show to recapture that same feeling as when Brock superplexed Show off the top rope to crush the ring.  The power in that ring during the Zeke/Show match would've been amazing.  However, with Show drafted to Raw, Corre's major target seems to be gone for the time being, and Show is still a tag team champion with Kane.

    If the team stays together, Corre may have a big problem to continue dealing with.

    Aside from Mark Henry, incredibly strong men on Smackdown aren't quite as prevalent as they seem to be on Raw, so Zeke seems to have a good home there.  I say it's fine that he wasn't drafted.


Heath Slater

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    This guy's cred has been up and down, though with Nexus and Corre, it's mostly been down.  The consensus among us seems to be that Heath's lack of wrestling skill in the ring makes him pretty worthless, however I'm rather convinced that it's mainly due to his presence on the roster as a rookie heel.

    If he were to turn face in some way or another, we may see more talent come out of him, as most archetypal faces tend to work harder to perform actual wrestling moves, whereas heels tend to do more simple strking and stomping because character-wise, it's the easiest way to angrily do damage to an opponent without having to work as hard.

    I firmly believe Heath has potential at the very least.  He wasn't drafted, and as he should probably see his situation with Corre through to a conclusion.  He was fine to leave alone.


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    Most well-known in recent months as the mascot of Smackdown, Hornswoggle's biggest angles to date have been being painted blue and getting involved in scripted segments on Smackdown where Teddy Long has attempted to teach him how to speak.

    I'm not prone to using this term, as it's used far too often by far too many people, but...Epic Fails...all around.

    He wasn't drafted, but honestly, I'm not sure he needs to be.  A writer in the B/R wrestling community posted an article suggesting that Hornswoggle be revealed as the Raw GM.  At first, I thought it was stupid, but when I figured that it was probably one of the few ways Hornswoggle's entertainment value could be redeemed, I had to comment and say so.

    Still, without Finlay, without Vince McMahon (his "illegitimate father"), and hopefully not Sheamus, Hornswoggle is just looking more and more obsolete by the day.  Say what you want about his short membership in DX, at least that fit to an extent as silly and entertaining, which is what DX is partially about, entertainment.

    Either WWE finds use for this guy, or just cut him.  His spot in the Royal Rumble could have been used much more wisely to say the least.

Justin Gabriel

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    Another member of Corre who wasn't drafted, if the group should split, Justin Gabriel being on Smackdown would present him with some amazing rivals in Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan or, dare I say, even Kane.

    I've loved seeing Justin in the ring with Kane and have consistently rooted for Justin to get a leg up on the Big Red Monster.  Deep down, I feel like Justin has the talent to upset Kane if really given a good chance in a one-on-one confrontation.  And both being on Smackdown, we may very well see that happen.

    Justin's a great talent and being on the competition brand is a perfect fit.  No need for a draft here.


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    Will you just look at that?  Marvelous...

    The NXT Season 3 winner is no outstanding in-ring talent, but her mic skills and vibrant personality give her a lot of usefulness.  Also, WWE has already released Season 2 winner, Kaval, so for them to get rid of Kaitlyn as well would be a really serious mistake.

    I haven't enjoyed much of NXT, as its reality show parlor games have really grated on my nerves.  Why they couldn't turn NXT into its own rookie league and feature an hour's worth of matches each week, I'm not sure.  But the show has become a WWE.com fixture and hopefully after this season, they either make it watchable or simply take it off completely, leaving room open for Tough Enough to continue the search for new WWE stars through badass training.

    Thus, again, I'm reluctant to say this non-draftee will get released, but you know how it is, never say never.  If WWE utilizes her properly, gives her enough of the right kind of TV time, we may just see her get some good visibility and become appealing enough for people to want her.

    Otherwise, I guess she waits out her contract and looks elsewhere.  Christy Hemme did it, why not Kaitlyn?


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    The Big Red Monster is, for now, still on Smackdown.

    While I've said over and over here that Raw is the more theatrical program, for Smackdown to have no supernatural forces going would be a crying shame.  Undertaker may control the powers of darkness, but Kane's fire rages just fine on its own.

    Kane's another of the few who is good on either brand.  He's carved out a special niche for himself and brings an entertaining presence with him wherever he goes.  His promos and effects are great for Raw, but he also brings to the table great talent and uniquely performed matches.

    Smackdown's been his home for a while and he looks pretty comfortable to me.

Layla and Michelle McCool

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    Say what you want about these two being annoying together, they had a chemistry that was really unmatched as far as pairs of Divas in WWE.  Their back and forth promos were masterfully done, naturally pulled off and occasionally pretty clever.

    Did WWE milk Laycool for a bit too long?  Kinda sorta.

    After combining to form the powerhouse pairing of Laycool, cracks began forming months ago that have turned into out and out fury.  Monday night saw Layla finally lose it and viciously beat Michelle for her disrespectful treatment over the past two months.

    Both Layla and Michelle are fairly talented in the ring and on the mic, and while their infighting would be more suitable on the more dramatic Raw program, Smackdown still offers them enough room for great competition against suitable Divas.  They may end up looking slightly weaker against a powerhouse like Beth or a popular girly-girl like Kelly who has face momentum on her side, but on Smackdown against Divas like Alicia, they can still appear as major threats for the Divas title, at least until Kharma shows up and snatches it for herself.

    All in all, Layla and Michelle are good fits for Smackdown.


Rosa Mendes

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    Again, I hate to say she's useless, but she's been seen on TV so sparingly, I can't even say what her character is like to suggest possible avenues for her.

    If they don't want her on TV, they'd best just release her and let her pursue other employment already, because it's sad to see her around if all they're doing with her is making her Divas enhancement talent.

Trent Barreta

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    Poor Trent...

    Guy loses his tag team partner, pulls off a great upset against Drew McIntyre on Smackdown and gets subsequently buried and beaten down as an ancillary part of Drew's brief romance with Kelly that seems to already have cooled off.

    Another one of those guys that's pretty talented but pretty much ignored.  If guys like Trent could group up together and form some kind of stable, we could see them be put to much better use than they are.  And I'm not talking about a stable like the Job Squad, I'm talking about a real, credible stable.  The Dudebusters may not have been groundbreaking but they at least had something going for them.  Just needed a little fine tuning.

    Trent has a good look, decent mic skills and is a quick, skillful cruiserweight.  He's still on Smackdown, so if he can find some opponents he can turn into interesting rivals, maybe he stands a chance to stick around.

    Otherwise, he's barely done anything and it's bad to keep him around if all they're letting him do is take up space on the roster.


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    The Deadman who can be held down by no grave, per the words of Johnny Cash.  You know he wrote that song for Taker, come on...

    Undertaker's been MIA since Wrestlemania and articles on this site are saying that he's likely to continue his program with Triple H upon returning.  If that occurs, it may just happen on Raw, where Triple H is still technically a roster member, however anything can happen between now and then.

    It's not that Undertaker would be a bad fit for Raw, it's just that Raw's theatrics tend to be a bit more geared toward in-your-face soap opera drama more than special effects these days.  Smackdown seems a better fit for that, so for Undertaker to not get drafted and potentially stay a Smackdown mainstay is okay in my book.

    If he changes shows, still okay, though.  Undertaker is good anywhere.

Wade Barrett

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    Finally, we come to the NXT Season 1 winner himself, former leader of Nexus and current cause of Corre's internal strife, the great Wade Barrett.

    Definitely a standout talent, mic work is outstanding, in-ring talent is outstanding.  Unfortunately, he's 0 and 2 in forming successful heel stables, as both Nexus and Corre now seem to view him as a problem.  Which is a shame because he's such a charismatic leader, you'd think he would've gotten back a little on his investment to creating these groups and helping make some of these guys credible without even being super high on the totem pole himself.

    Aside from that, he's been Intercontinental Champion for a short while, largely scoring either tainted wins or non-title losses, so he's not looking good right now.  To say he's a likely candidate to get axed, though, I highly doubt it.

    He has all the tools to be a big star, he just needs to pay more dues on TV is all.  Guys like Austin paid their dues long before they got to WWE, which is why he looked so strong during his run as an active competitor.

    Young guys like Wade, on the other hand, haven't been on international wrestling TV for nearly as long as Austin, so he clearly needs to be put through the process before he can earn the right to hold major titles.

    I wouldn't worry about Wade.  He's not going anywhere.  May not have been drafted, but there's nothing to worry about there.


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    If you visit WWE.com's program pages, you'll notice that, per the Undertaker slide, I didn't include Triple H, even though he's listed on the Raw Roster.  That's because his role has been changing in the company and his competition quanitity on TV will likely be far less in months to come.

    You  may also notice I didn't include commentators and interviewers listed on the rosters that weren't drafted such as Striker, Grisham, Mathews, Cole, Lawler, Stanford and Korpela.  Years ago, when WWE had enough mega-superstars to jumble around, guys like JR were fair game to be drafted to alternate shows and not have it look too devastating in the short-term.  These days, commentary teams have been in such flux, the last thing they need is to shake up the commentary situation with arbitrary drafts, just to make the draft itself look more credible as being "random," and risk losing much-needed commentator chemistry.

    Finally, I didn't include "Mr. McMahon," even though he's listed on the Raw roster, mainly because it's been quite a long while since we've seen the Mr. McMahon character specifically.  We saw Vince announce The Rock as the guest host of Wrestlemania 27, but the Boss?  The guy who fires people and makes himself look like God?  Yeah, he's been pretty absent.

    Tomorrow night, we get to see Smackdown and by the looks of the spoilers, seems to be an interesting night of action leading into Extreme Rules.  Hopefully by next Monday we'll get to experience the full weight of the draft's effects, as in we'll see the newly formed rosters exist as they are instead of all the crossovers that need to happen to keep the promotion for Extreme Rules as strong as it's been.

    All in all, aside from John Cena's redraft messing things up at the end, the Supplemental Draft went well, the folks who weren't moved seemed appropriate and each roster is shaping up to be healthy for both brands to perpetuate what's come to be appreciated on both.  For a largely rushed situation, I'd say the 2011 WWE Draft could've gone a lot worse.

    Let me know what you all think.