A Good Ol' Buccaneer Pillaging

Ryan GaydosSenior Analyst IOctober 12, 2008

Buccaneers 27, Panthers 3



Since it seems like we can’t pick a winner so far in the NFC South, the Panthers, 4-1 heading in to today’s game, seemed likely to be a likely team to win the NFC South so far. However, the Buccaneers screwed all that up today with a 27-3 whooping. Speaking of the NFC South, Atlanta and New Orleans won today to make this division even more of a cluster-f** well you know what I mean.

The Panthers managed only a John Kasay 20-yard field goal in the second quarter. Jake Delhomme is where the bad day started. Delhomme is usually efficient, well atleast this season, but he had 242 yards passing and THREE interceptions. One to Tavard Jackson, one to Jermaine Phillips, and the other to rookie Aqib Talib.

The only bright spot came from Steve Smith with his six receptions for 112 yards.

It was all Tampa, all day. Warrick Dunn led the team with 112 rushing yards but did not score. It didn’t matter. Jeff Garcia threw a 2-yd TD pass to tight end Alex Smith in the first and Ernest Graham ran for a touchdown as well. The always reliable Matt Bryant was 2/3 from field goal range and hit a 49 yarder in the third to put Tampa up 20-3.

With the win. Tampa is now 4-2 tied with Carolina and Atlanta for first in the NFC South.

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