Can Robert Kubica Become 2008 Champion?

Alex CowleyCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

With yet another poor race for Hamilton and Massa, Robert Kubica has now become a championship contender. With a fine second in Fuji today the Pole is just 12 points behind Lewis Hamilton in the championship and BMW Sauber are 14 points behind Ferrari. 12 points isn't a lot when considering last year. It could happen again.
While a covert win by Kubica seems unlikely, he has so far been the most consistent driver of the three championship contenders. Drives like Canada, Monaco, Bahrain and Malaysia have shown his ability to keep the car in check but also to keep his head, when some have lost theirs.
Consistency will be the defining point in the championship race as the pressure mounts up and the possibility of rain will give a certain unpredictability to any race weekend. Here Kubica could very well shine.
It's not out of the question that Robert could walk away with the championship while Hamilton and Massa trip over each other, but what are your thoughts? Can Kubica truly challenge for the title?