Hottest Ripped Females in Sports

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIApril 27, 2011

Hottest Ripped Females in Sports

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    While many women flinch at the thought of breaking a nail and quiver when they feel a bead of sweat drip down their face, others have a tougher mindset and become workout warriors.

    All female athletes workout constantly, but only a few have the remarkable body that separates them from the pack.

    Some fight for a living and others hit balls with rackets, but they all have one thing in common.

    A ripped physique and toned musculature.

    From Mia St. John to the vicious Serena Williams, these women stop at nothing to maintain the lean and hard body they have become famous for.

    Here is the top 25 hottest ripped females in sports.


25. Francesca Piccinini

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    A member of the Italian Women's National Team that won the gold medal at the 2002 World Championship in Germany, Piccinini makes it hard to focus on the game.

    She also isn't afraid to relinquish her clothes either as she appeared naked in a 2004 calender published by Men's Health.

    Just don't challenger her to a staring contest.

24. Jade Johnson

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    Being allergic to sand, it's ironic that this English athlete specializes in the long jump.

    However, Johnson has proved that being in remarkable shape doesn't prevent injuries.

    It was 2009 and Johnson had just announced that she was going to compete in the series of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC with professional dancer Ian Waite.

    During the final dress rehearsal, Johnson suffered a knee injury that forced her to withdraw from the show.

    She returned to dance the Tango. 

23. Ashley Tappin

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    A three-time Olympic gold medalist, Tappin also left her mark on the NCAA with two different schools.

    While attending the University of Florida and swimming for the Gators, she won two NCAA championships.

    She then transferred to the University of Arizona and swam for the Arizona Wildcats, winning five more NCAA titles.

    Tappin may look intimidating, but she is a veteran celebrity swimmer for Swim Across America (SAA), a charitable organization that raises funds for cancer research. 

22. Kim Couture

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    Couture is as tough as they come.

    In her first MMA fight against Kim Rose, she suffered a broken jaw and kept fighting, albeit losing by a unanimous decision.

    She must've inherited her toughness from her time as a police officer and casino executive in Las Vegas, or perhaps her father Randy. 

    Keeping those cheaters in check behind the scenes is one of the more brutal jobs.

21. Anita Marks

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    This is one football player that Cortland Finnegan would never think of starting a fight with.

    The former women's professional football player who is now a sideline reporter and a radio personality grew up thinking it was easier to play football with the boys then to make the boys come play dolls with her.

    Her goal was to pave the way for women in professional football.

    She quarterbacked the Miami Fury for four years and the Florida Stingrays for one.

20. Swin Cash

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    A prolific basketball player, Cash led the University of Connecticut to national titles in 2000 and 2002.

    In her second WNBA season, she led the Detroit Shock to a WNBA title, their first ever.

    At 6'1" she is a dominant force on the court and has the ideal basketball name to go with her talent.

    A great all-around player and person, Cash runs many charitable organizations and holds clinics and camps through her company, Swin Cash Enterprise LLC.

19. Ashley Massaro

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    Just as surfer and model routinely meshes, so does professional wrestling and Playboy.

    Massaro, best known for her work with the WWE, made an appearance on Survivor: China.

    She was Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 2002 and was on the cover of the 2007 issue of Playboy

    With that outfit and glaring smile, she should easily get a job as a rock band's groupie.

18. Serena Williams

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    Built like an ox, Williams is a former world No. 1 ranked tennis player and has a vicious backhand shot.

    While her career has been decimated by injuries, she is still considered one of the greatest female tennis players ever.

    The injuries are baffling, as she has a body made of steel and a remarkable drive about her.

    But apparently size means nothing, just ask Greg Oden.

17. Mia St. John

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    This is one women you don't want to find in a dark alley or a boxing ring.

    The MMA fighter and Tae Kwon Do champion attended California State University, Northridge, while earning a degree in Psychology and modeling to fund her education.

    During this time, she had a Tae Kwon Do record of 27-1.

    At 29 years old, she decided to start boxing and knocked out Angelica Villain in 54 seconds.

    She became known as "The Knockout."

    Don't let the cute face fool you.

16. Venus Williams

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    The other half of the Williams sisters, Venus is built more like a cheetah.

    Quick and agile, she is seen by some as the less talented sibling, yet is also still considered one of the greatest ever.

    While Serena may garner more attention, Venus became the first African American woman to be ranked as the World No. 1 when she achieved the feat on for the first time on February 25, 2002.

15. Amy Taylor

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    A former member of the Australian women's national team, known as "The Matildas," Taylor is now a media personality in Australia.

    Known as an aggressive tackler and stout defender, her style of play led to a shorter career.

    After Taylor had two reconstructive surgeries on her ankles in 2004, she retired from professional soccer.

14. Torrie Wilson

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    Describing herself as a shy child, Wilson sure found her way. 

    Known as a model, fitness competitor and professional wrestler, she has taken control of her body and continues to maintain the sexy tone that put her in the magazines.

    Wilson won the Miss Galaxy competition in 1998 and has worked in the WCW, WWE and WWF, as well as on Raw and Smackdown.

    Along with most wrestling women, she has appeared on FHM and Playboy.

13. Jenny Adams

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    An American track and field athlete who specializes in the 100 meter hurdles, Adams naturally has strong legs that can sufficiently carry her through a race.

    However, Panasonic chose Adams to shoot a commercial with them for the 2008 Olympic games because of her looks rather than her athleticism.

    Woah... she must work out.

12. Tatiana Grigorieva

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    Grigorieva has Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championship medals, appeared on Dancing with the Stars and had the role of Olympia on the 2008 revival of Gladiators.

    The retired Australian pole vaulter is built like a gladiator and features a jaw-dropping glare.

    It's hard to trust her when she has a long, sharp pole in her hands.

11. Gabrielle Reece

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    The American volleyball player began modeling during her time at FSU.

    In January 2001, she appeared on the cover of Playboy, accompanied by a nude portrait. 

    In 1989 she was named by Elle as one of the five most beautiful women in the world.

    She may also be one of the most ripped.

10. Jamie Sale

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    The Canadian pair skater can clearly glide with the best, winning the 2001 World Championship and 2002 Olympic Championship with David Pelletier, her husband and partner at the time.

    With that body, the sky is the limit.

    Are you thinking NHL?

    At 5'1" she could be the female version of Patrick Kane.

    Not really, but it's fun to dream.

9. Stephanie Rice

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    While she holds the world record in the 400 meter women's individual medley and has three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Rice may be known more for her body than her talents in the pool.

    Apparently THM caught on, as always.

    This is how she glares at her opponents before the race.

8. Niki Gudex

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    This Australian professional mountain biker competes in both the down hill and cross country events.

    She has appeared in the Australian edition of FHM magazine and has been listed in the top 100 Sexiest Women in the World five times.

    Not so sure if she ate her vegetables.

7. Almudena Cid Tostado

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    Currently the oldest competing elite rhythmic gymnast, Almudena also holds a modeling contract with Nike.

    She speaks Spanish, Basque and English.

    Those languages must decrease the awkwardness of being one of the only Western European gymnasts able to compete against the Eastern Europeans.

6. Amanda Beard

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    Beard looks more like a seductress than a swimmer.

    An Olympic swimmer and model, she has captured seven medals and, in 2003, held the world No. 1 ranking in the 200 meter breaststroke.

    It still wouldn't be surprising to find out that she is a fembot.

    Watch her head begin to spark.

5. Lokelani McMichael

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    It seems as if surfer is synonymous with model.

    Lokelani became more than just a sexy athlete when she became the youngest female to finish the Hawaii Ironman in 1995.

    Completing her first triathlon at the age of 18, Lokelani's ripped physique has gotten her featured in GQ, Shape, Triathlete and Runner's World.

4. Stacy Keibler

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    Keibler was a participant on Dancing with the Stars during its second season and placed third.

    Not bad for a former wrestler and valet for WCW and WWE.

    She has been in Maxim and Stuff magazines.

    That can be expected with a body like that.

3. Malia Jones

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    A model and surfer, need we say both, Jones married Australian professional surfer Luke Stedman and gave birth to their first child, Spike, in 2009.

    But stay positive all you hopefuls out there because she is now single.

    After spending time in Hawaii, France and Australia, Jones recently moved back to her hometown of North Shore, Oahu.

2. Natalie Gulbis

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    This LPGA golfer's two younger brothers must be so proud... or furious.

    Gulbis has not only appeared in FHM, but she also released a calendar just before the 2004 U.S. Women's Open featuring provocative poses of herself playing golf and wearing a swimsuit. 

    The United States Golf Association was not too pleased.

    Fans weren't complaining.

1. Leryn Franco

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    A potent javelin thrower, Franco became an Internet sensation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

    Her personal best is 55.38 meters, but she may be known more for her beautiful figure.

    She placed #86 in's 2009 "Top 99 Women" poll and is arguably the sexiest athlete in the world.

    Not hard to see why.