NFL Draft 2011, LeBron James, "Madden NFL 12" and Wednesday's Sports Stories

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NFL Draft 2011, LeBron James,
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The NFL draft will feel different than any other draft. The excited faces of players will feel different this time around.

In the midst of injunctions, lockouts, court rulings and venom being spewed by both sides, each drafted player will feel a bit as if he’s shaking hands with the enemy right before he’s thrown in the lion’s den.

The moment he’s finished his handshake, he’s taken aside. He’s with the players, barred from the team facilities, not allowed to talk to owners and not really wanting to for the social stigma it will create in his own union.

But that’s the life of the NFL draftee these days.

The draft is sure to change the perception of teams. Who they pick may be based on who will be most cost effective. The potential of a season without a salary cap means that rookie spendingrather than capped by an agreement on both sidesmay be at an all-time high.

It’s the time of year where football fans feel hopeful, but now we’ll just feel awkward, as if we’re children watching the dissolving of a marriage but yet everyone has agreed to play nice for the sake of us.

I know that’s exactly how those first-round picks will feel.

Let’s just hope it’s over quickly…the draft, I mean.

The lockout? We’ve only just begun to watch that unfold.

For all of today’s top sports news, stay with me. I’ll be bringing it to you all day. 

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