Beginning Of a New Era? What Their First Win Means For The St. Louis Rams

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IOctober 12, 2008 I've seen it all. One week or so after an article was published on here claiming that the Washington Redskins might be the best team in the NFL (a pretty reasonable claim at the time), the St. Louis Rams were almost without a doubt the worst team in football.

They were in a bye week after firing their head coach, just re-inserted their old starting quarterback, and were suffering through a weird mix of injuries and depth chart changes.

Yet on Sunday...the Rams won? I still can't believe it. Somehow they were able to overcome Richie Incognito's utter stupidity, a complete lack of an offense, and a defense that was totally powerless to stop Washington's perimeter running.

So what does this mean for the Rams in the grand scheme of things?

In the immediate future, nothing. The Rams have a really tough schedule. They now go home to play the Cowboys, and then head to Foxboro to face the Pats. That's about as tough as it could get at this point.

However, this game provides hope for at least respectability. The NFC West is awful. If the Rams can do .500 in the division and steal a couple other games with their newfound spirit under interim (and possibly permanent) head coach Jim Hasett, they'll save themselves from another embarrassing season, and make themselves a tempting buy for a possibly owner.

Donnie Avery is actually looking pretty good now that he's on the field. Keenan Burton is getting healthy. And Marc Bulger is back as the starter where he belongs. They're certainly not playoff bound, but the Rams might just make St. Louis proud.