WWE Extreme Rules 2011: 5 Reasons Why the IWC and I Should Love This WWE Event

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 27, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011: 5 Reasons Why the IWC and I Should Love This WWE Event

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    Hey Bleachholics, 

    Many of you haven't been excited much by this pay-per-view event and why should you?

    WWE have been focusing more on the WWE 2011 Draft and with the upcoming Rock's Birthday bash on next week's Monday Night RAW. So why should we be intrested?

    Well, i'm going to convince you why this WWE Extreme Rules event will be one PPV we will be talking about for a while to come.

Jack Swagger's Rise....Once Again

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    The former World Champion of Smackdown was once the rising star we expect of him; he came in on such a high whilst competing on ECW then dropped to a status slightly higher than Curt Hawkins and other jobbers and out of the blue hell came a Wrestlemania Money in the Bank win which catapulted him to the Smackdown main event scene.

    So with Jack Swagger on his way to the top for the third time in his relatively short WWE career; can we swerve?

    Perhaps Swagger may turn on Micheal Cole as result of the push and yells that Cole directed at Swagger.


    WWE will have Swagger be a mindless fool accompanying Cole each and every Monday night.  

    Well; the latter seems more likely as Jack Swagger was drafted to RAW via the WWE.com Supplement Draft so people get prepared for an All-American American to be following an All- Jackass Jackass for a bit longer.

John Morrison and the Miz for the WWE Title (featuring John Cena)

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    Although I would have preferred a Triple Threat with Miz, Cena and R-Truth, I'm glad to see John Morrison and the Miz in a WWE title match—I wished that WWE would have dropped Cena as aclash of the former Tag Team members would have been a great sight to see and would have proved who was Jennetty and who was Mr Wrestlemania (not Cole) Shawn Micheals.

    Also, many of us will be happy to see John Morrison in a WWE Championship match in a match other than a six-man Elimination Chamber. 

The Split of Laycool: Partial Spoilers Below (you've Been Warned)

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    I accidentally saw this match posted on a Wrestling news site as I hate to see spoilers but I know many of you do - plus I think everyone (Spoiler lover or Hater not) Wants to see the split of Layla And Michelle McCool.

    At the Smackdown Tapings yesterday, a mammoth match up was slated to take place on Sunday:

    A No Count-out, No Disqualification, Loser must leave Smackdown match

    Needless to say - Must I say more? 











A Chris Jericho Announcement?: I Dare to Dream

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    The First ever WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, Wrestler with most reigns as Intercontinental Champion and Dancing with the Stars...Star—Chris JERICHO!

    A little message via satellite at the start of the event would boost the crowd providing us information that he will be back soon will be a welcoming way to start off the Event.

    Jericho is needed much more by WWE rather Jericho needing WWE.

    WWE has no viable main event heels on Smackdown as of the moment—Sheamus is United States Champion, Mark Henry could fill the spot and Wade Barrett has gotten stuck in his own vehicle to Main Event stardom.


Christian's Last WWE World Title Pay-Per-View Match Since WWE Vengeance 2005

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    The title is pure fact: Christian's last WWE World title opportunity (Excluding ECW Title) was in 2005 at the now defunct Vengeance Pay-Per-View—Check it out if you don't believe me.

    And Even that match wasn't a Singles match - it Was a triple Threat Match featuring Chris Jericho and WWE Championship match favorite; John Cena.

    Christian has a good chance at succeeding in his dream and our dreams also. The main events of RAW And Smackdown are both World Title Matchs featuring five "Sports Entertainers" only one remains a Smackdown Superstar after the Draft and he goes by the name of Captain Charisma, Christian.

    I'm no mathematical genius but the chances on that side of things bode well; on the other hand, Vincent McMahon isn't a "peep," he is more of a Del Rio supporter so you take your guess—I'm not predicting the outcome as I don't want to mess with fate or anything.

    Hopefully the Captain finally becomes the Captian of the Smackdown Ship. 

Thanks for Reading and Make a Comment or Two...

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    I'll will be making part two of this later this week exploring why we should hate this pay-per-view.