Lions Rise To 1-4

BrentCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

If you thought Ed Hochuli's crew was bad, you missed the game between the Lions and Vikings on Sunday. You will never convince me that the Lions did not win this game. All I will do is list all of the calls blown that absolutely took the Lions' first win.


Pass interference on Leigh Bodden - Called twice, both very questionable, especially the last call that put the Vikings in field goal range to win the game.

NO pass interference called when Calvin Johnson went deep in the 3rd Quarter, which was more blatant than BOTH calls on Bodden.

FUMBLE CONFIRMED ON CALVIN JOHNSON - Last time I read the NFL rules if a player's knee is down with control of the ball, a fumble can't be called. Obviously I must be wrong. I mean the guy only pried the ball out of his hands while he was on the ground after a personal foul of a helmet to helmet hit. 

Block in the back called twice on punts, both very questionable.

The Lions won this game, and actions better be taken against this officiating crew. Absolutely ridiculous.


And also.....please keep Dan Orlovski in, I have not seen better throws this season. Also, I think with a young QB in, we have a much more balanced offense. I think Coletto calls more passes with Kitna in, and today, we had the best chance to win all season. No turnovers on offense, save the blown call. Keep Dan in please.