2011 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 & 3 Edition

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IApril 27, 2011

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 & 3 Edition

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    I have already put out my final first-round mock for the 2011 NFL draft however, how is the rest of the draft going to play out?

    What position is your team going to be stock piling late in this draft?

    Even though the judge has sided with players and ended the lockout for the moment, we still do not know when free agency will officially start.

    So here is a mock of the second through the seventh rounds in the 2011 NFL draft, without trades, and I also mention who I had the team taking in the first round as well.

Round 2

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    33. New England Patriots(from Carolina Panthers)

    Previous Picks: Mike Pouncey C/G, Justin Houston DE/LB

    Current Pick: Ryan Williams HB

    After getting some offensive line help as well as someone to rush the passer, the Patriots pick up the second best running back in this draft.

    Some think Williams is just as good as Mark Ingram and he has the potential to be an every down back in the NFL.

Round 2

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    34. Buffalo Bills

    Previous Pick: Von Miller LB

    Current Pick: Andy Dalton QB

    The Bills upgraded their defense by taking Von Miller in the first round, however, they still need a quarterback to groom behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Dalton’s stock may carry him into the first round and although he does not have great arm strength, he has the accuracy and football intelligence to make up for it.

Round 2

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    35. Cincinnati Bengals

    Previous Pick: Blaine Gabbert QB

    Current Pick: Leonard Hankerson WR

    After passing on A.J. Green in the first round for quarterback Blaine Gabbert, the Bengals need to upgrade their receiving core.

    Leonard Hankerson has the potential to be a No. 1 receiver in this league and has great hands to go along with a willingness to go over the middle and make tough catches.

Round 2

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    36. Denver Broncos

    Previous Pick: Marcell Dareus DT

    Current Pick: Rahim Moore S

    Kyle Rudolph could be the pick here if the Broncos wanted to go offensive after going defensive in the first round.

    Brian Dawkins is at the end of his career and Rahim Moore is the best safety prospect in this draft.

Round 2

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    37. Cleveland Browns

    Previous Pick: A.J. Green WR

    Current Pick: Stephen Paea DT

    The Browns had A.J. Green fall into their laps in the first round and now need to start adding pieces to their defense since they are switching to a 4-3.

    Paea was once considered a first-round pick and has great strength and quickness to help the Browns defense against both the run and pass.

Round 2

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    38. Arizona Cardinals

    Previous Pick: Robert Quinn DE/LB

    Current Pick: Christian Ponder QB

    Throughout the offseason I have thought that the Cardinals would address their quarterback need in free agency by getting a veteran guy in Donovan McNabb or Marc Bulger.

    Since free agency is still on hold however, the Cardinals need to make sure they get a quarterback in this draft since their passing game, and offense in general, was terrible in 2010.

Round 2

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    39. Tennessee Titans

    Previous Pick: Nick Fairly DT

    Current Pick: Colin Kaepernick QB

    The Tennessee Titans have stated that they still plan on moving on from the Vince Young era and that means the team needs to get a quarterback from somewhere.

    I think they would re-sign Kerry Collins for one more season while Colin Kaepernick sat on the sidelines and developed before taking over the team.

Round 2

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    40. Dallas Cowboys

    Previous Pick: Tyron Smith OT

    Current Pick: Kyle Rudolph TE

    This is somewhat of a surprise pick considering Cameron Heyward is still on the board and would be a perfect fit for the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones loves to make the splash pick.

    Jason Witten is still one of the best tight ends in the league. However, behind him there is nothing and Kyle Rudolph would add an extra offensive weapon for Tony Romo.

Round 2

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    41. Washington Redskins

    Previous Pick: Jake Locker QB

    Current Pick: Phil Taylor DT

    After Mike Shanahan lovingly tells Donovan McNabb to get lost, he’ll turn to Albert Haynesworth and have him escorted off the premises.

    Haynesworth never embraced the role of a 3-4 defensive tackle but Phil Taylor is the top nose tackle in this draft.

Round 2

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    42. Houston Texans

    Previous Pick: Aldon Smith DE/LB

    Current Pick: Cameron Heyward DE

    This would be a huge steal if the Texans could get Cameron Heyward here, as he is considered a fringe first-round pick.

    The Texans already got their new 3-4 pass rusher in the first round and Heyward would step right in as a 3-4 end.

Round 2

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    43. Minnesota Vikings

    Previous Pick: Corey Liuget DT

    Current Pick: Benjamin Ijalana OT

    Some would think that the Vikings would be taking a quarterback here after not getting one in the first round, but I think they already have their developmental guy in Joe Webb and they will end up with a veteran somehow.

    The Vikings need some help on the offensive line and Ijalana could start at guard or right tackle for them.

Round 2

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    44. Detroit Lions

    Previous Pick: Prince Amukamara CB

    Current Pick: Martez Wilson LB

    An offensive lineman to keep Matthew Stafford healthy could definitely be the pick here, but I think Wilson’s value is just too great for the Lions to pass up.

    Linebacker is a major need for the Lions, and Martez Wilson is a complete sideline to sideline guy who can rush the passer and stuff the run.

Round 2

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    45. San Francisco 49ers

    Previous Pick: Patrick Peterson CB

    Current Pick: Ricky Stanzi QB

    This was a tough pick for me to make here because the 49ers could really use a pass rusher to go along with the shut down corner they got in the first.

    This should end the run on quarterbacks in the second round and Stanzi could sit behind Alex Smith and Troy Smith for a season or two before becoming the starter.  

Round 2

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    46. Denver Broncos (from Miami Dolphins)

    Previous Picks: Marcell Dareus DT, Rahim Moore S

    Current Pick: Quan Sturdivant LB

    The Broncos are having a great draft to this point and have already picked up future starters at defensive tackle and at safety.

    They continue the defensive theme with Sturdivant and he is a guy who will step in as a starter at linebacker and help completely transform the Broncos defense.

Round 2

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    47. St. Louis Rams

    Previous Pick: Julio Jones WR

    Current Pick: Marvin Austin DT

    The Rams were able to grab Julio Jones and will now pair him with Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton on the offensive side of the ball.

    They need to keep improving on defense and although there are some character concerns with Marvin Austin, he could end up being a dominant force at defensive tackle for the Rams.

Round 2

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    48. Oakland Raiders

    Previous Pick: NONE

    Current Pick: DeMarcus Van Dyke CB

    In true Al Davis fashion, the Raiders gave cornerback Stanford Rout a huge contract, and they will probably lose Nnamdi Asomugha to free agency.

    I think they could use another corner opposite Rout but the only reason Al Davis is going to make this pick is how fast Van Dyke ran his 40 at the combine.

Round 2

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    49. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Previous Pick: Ryan Kerrigan DE/LB

    Current Pick: Torrey Smith WR

    The Jaguars had the 27th ranked passing offense in 2010 and they did not have any receiver surpass 1000 receiving yards.

    Torrey Smith saw his stock rise into the first round for a brief time and brings blazing speed to the Jaguars.

Round 2

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    50. San Diego Chargers

    Previous Pick: J.J. Watt DE

    Current Pick: Bruce Carter LB

    This is another North Carolina player that saw his stock drop after being suspended last season for the entire year.

    The Chargers have not gotten anything from former first-round pick Larry English and Bruce Carter has the range and explosiveness to be an all down linebacker for the team.

Round 2

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    51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Previous Pick: Cameron Jordan DE

    Current Pick: Brandon Harris CB

    I could see the Buccaneers doubling up on defensive ends here like they did last year with defensive tackle if they like a guy enough.

    With the legal situation involving Aquib Talib, taking a corner as insurance would be a good idea and Brandon Harris is a very good cover guy.

Round 2

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    52. New York Giants

    Previous Pick: Gabe Carmi OT

    Current Pick: Mikel Leshoure RB

    The Giants offense runs well when they can run the football effectively and when Eli Manning isn’t throwing picks.

    With Ahmad Bradshaw a free agent, and Brandon Jacobs possibly being cut, the Giants could use some more depth at running back and get one of the best in the draft in Leshoure.

Round 2

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    53. Indianapolis Colts

    Previous Pick: Muhammad Wilkerson DT

    Current Pick: Rodney Hudson C/G

    The Colts surprise in the first round of the draft and do not take an offensive tackle in favor of defensive line help.

    Now the Colts get a great center prospect in Rodney Hudson who could step in right away at guard and then take over for Jeff Saturday whenever he retires.

Round 2

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    54. Philadelphia Eagles

    Previous Pick: Anthony Castonzo OT

    Current Pick: Curtis Brown CB

    The Eagles took a step in the right direction by getting some more protection for Mike Vick in the first round and now they need to help the defense.

    Brown is a great cover guy and would be able to start out as the Eagles third corner and possibly take the starting job by the end of the year.

Round 2

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    55. Kansas City Chiefs

    Previous Pick: Nate Solder OT

    Current Pick: Randall Cobb WR

    The Chiefs have Dwayne Bowe as their No. 1 receiver, but the next leading receiver for the team was tight end Tony Moeaki with a little over 500 yards.

    Even without great speed, Randall Cobb would be a good compliment to Bowe with his route running and ability to go across the middle.

Round 2

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    56. New Orleans Saints

    Previous Pick: Da’Quan Bowers DE

    Current Pick: Clint Boling G

    The Saints had Da’Quan Bowers fall all the way to them in the first round and if he can stay healthy, he could become a dominant pass rusher for them.

    The next thing they need to do is protect Drew Brees and I think they take the best available offensive lineman in Clint Boling.  

Round 2

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    57. Seattle Seahawks

    Previous Pick: Derrick Sherrod OT

    Ryan Mallet QB

    The Seahawks will now have a good nucleus on the offensive line after taking Russell Okung last year in the first round and Derrick Sherrod this year.

    They do have Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback, but they need to take a guy to develop and Ryan Mallet would be a first-round pick without his character issues.

Round 2

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    58. Baltimore Ravens

    Previous Pick: Jimmy Smith CB

    Current Pick: Marcus Cannon OT

    The Ravens helped an aging defense by taking cornerback Jimmy Smith in the first round and now have the opportunity to solidify the offensive line.

    Michael Oher is solid on the one side of the line, however, Jared Gaither is not expected to be back next season and Marcus Cannon could play either tackle or guard.

Round 2

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    59. Atlanta Falcons

    Previous Pick: Adrian Clayborn DE

    Current Pick: Orlando Franklin G

    Whenever the labor situation is resolved, the Falcons will have a few offensive linemen set to hit free agency.

    They got a guy in Adrian Clayborn to groom as the future at defensive end and Orlando Franklin would be able to step in as starting guard or even play some right tackle.

Round 2

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    60. New England Patriots

    Previous Picks: Mike Pouncey C/G, Justin Houston DE/LB, Ryan Williams RB

    Current Pick: Allen Bailey DE

    Could you imagine if the Patriots actually stayed put and kept all of their draft picks for once?

    They would be able to completely infuse some youth into their team and they continue to do so with Allen Bailey who would have to develop but could become a good 3-4 end.

Round 2

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    61. San Diego Chargers (from New York Jets)

    Previous Picks: J.J. Watt DE, Bruce Carter LB

    Current Pick: William Rackley G

    The Chargers began to revamp the defensive side of the ball with picks of J.J. Watt and Bruce Carter and now turn to their offense.

    Although offensive tackle is a greater need for the Chargers, Rackley is a great value pick here and could start at guard right away if needed.  

Round 2

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    62. Chicago Bears

    Previous Pick: Danny Watkins G

    Current Pick: Jonathan Baldwin WR

    The Bears do have the ultimate weapon in Devon Hester yet they seem to have just a bunch of number two and three wide receivers on the team.

    Jonathan Baldwin could become one of the biggest steals from this draft because he hasn’t fallen because of what he did on the field, it was for his attitude and if he focuses and matures, Baldwin could become a top receiver in the league.

Round 2

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    63. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Previous Pick: Aaron Williams CB

    Current Pick: Ras-I Dowling CB

    There has been a lot of debate on where Ras-I Dowling will end up because if he did not have injury concerns, he would be one of the top corners in this draft.

    Although the Steelers took Aaron Williams in the first round, they would love to see Dowling fall to them in the second and both players would go a long way in rectifying the team’s secondary.

Round 2

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    64. Green Bay Packers

    Previous Pick: Akeem Ayers LB

    Current Pick: Jarvis Jenkins DE

    Coming off a win in the Super Bowl, the Packers do have some holes to fill and although they went defense with their first pick in Akeem Ayers, I think they continue on defense with Jarvis Jenkins.

    Jenkins is a player who can play both defensive tackle and defensive end and his versatility would fit perfectly in the style of defense the Packers like to play.

Round 3

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    65. Carolina Panthers

    Previous Pick: Cam Newton QB

    Current Pick: Drake Nevis DT

    The Carolina Panthers would love to see a player like Drake Nevis still on the board in the third round, and he would fit right into their defensive scheme.

Round 3

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    66. Cincinnati Bengals

    Previous Picks: Blaine Gabbert QB, Leonard Hankerson WR

    Current Pick: Da’Norris Searcy S

    Cornerback could end being the pick here if the Bengals really think they are going to lose Johnathan Joseph to free agency, but regardless, the best available defensive back should go here.

Round 3

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    67. Denver Broncos

    Previous Picks: Marcell Dareus DT, Rahim Moore S, Quan Sturdivant LB

    Current Pick: Lance Kendricks TE

    The Broncos got close to no production from their tight ends last season and Kendricks would add an extra dimension to the Broncos offense.

Round 3

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    68. Buffalo Bills

    Previous Picks: Von Miller LB, Andy Dalton QB

    Current Pick: Jurrell Casey DT/DE

    The Bills need to continue to improve one of the NFL’s worst defenses and Casey would fit as an end in the 3-4 and would help the Bills stop the run.  

Round 3

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    69. Arizona Cardinals

    Previous Picks: Robert Quinn DE/LB, Christian Ponder QB

    Current Pick: Jabaal Sheard DE/LB

    The Cardinals don’t have much to rush the passer with Joey Porter and Clark Haggans getting older and Calais Campbell will be a free agent after next season.


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    70. Cleveland Browns

    Previous Picks: A.J. Green WR, Stephen Paea DT

    Current Pick: Mason Foster LB

    Mason Foster is a smart, hard-working player that can play all downs for the defense and contribute on special teams.

Round 3

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    71. Dallas Cowboys

    Previous Picks: Tyron Smith OT, Kyle Rudolph TE

    Current Pick: Titus Young WR

    The Cowboys continue to surprise with another offensive pick and Titus Young would bring good speed a receiving core that already has Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

Round 3

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    72. New Orleans Saints(from Washington Redskins)

    Previous Picks: Da’Quan Bowers DE, Clint Boling G

    Current Pick: Kelvin Sheppard LB

    I think Marshawn Lynch is still running over Saints defenders and the team tries to sure that up with Kelvin Sheppard.

Round 3

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    73. Houston Texans

    Previous Picks: Aldon Smith DE/LB, Cameron Heyward DE

    Current Pick: Brandon Burton CB

    The Texans have not lost faith in last year’s first-round pick Kareem Jackson but that doesn’t change the fact that the Texans had the worst pass defense in the league last season.

Round 3

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    74. New England Patriots(from Minnesota Vikings)

    Previous Picks: Mike Pouncey C/G, Justin Houston DE/LB, Ryan Williams RB, Allen Bailey DE

    Current Pick: Greg Little WR

    The Patriots need a No. 1 receiver and Greg Little falls to them because of being suspended all of last season.

Round 3

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    75. Detroit Lions

    Previous Picks: Prince Amukamara CB, Martez Wilson LB

    Current Pick: Jah Reid OT

    Now that the Lions have upgraded their defense, they turn to making sure Matthew Stafford stays healthy with an offensive lineman in Jah Reid.

Round 3

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    76. San Francisco 49ers

    Previous Picks: Patrick Peterson CB, Ricky Stanzi QB

    Current Pick: Dontay Moch LB

    The 49ers need a pass rusher and Dontay Moch has the speed to be all over the field for the 49ers defense.

Round 3

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    77. Tennessee Titans

    Previous Picks: Nick Fairly DT, Colin Kaepernick QB

    Current Pick: Edmond Gates WR

    Given the recent legal troubles for Kenny Britt, the Titans should be looking to get a guy who can come in and contribute right away should Britt be suspended.

Round 3

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    78. St. Louis Rams

    Previous Picks: Julio Jones WR, Marvin Austin DT

    Current Pick: Stefen Wisniewski C/G

    The Rams could use some help on the interior of their offensive line and Wisniewski can play either center or guard.

Round 3

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    79. Miami Dolphins

    Previous Pick: Mark Ingram RB

    Current Pick: John Moffitt G

    The Dolphins took their new franchise running back in Mark Ingram in the first round and now they take John Moffitt so that Ingram actually has some holes to run through.

Round 3

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    80. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Previous Picks: Ryan Kerrigan DE/LB, Torrey Smith WR

    Current Pick: Tyrod Taylor QB

    David Garrard’s time as starting quarterback for the Jaguars seems to be dwindling and Tyrod Taylor could sit and learn for a while.

Round 3

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    81. Oakland Raiders

    Previous Pick: Demarcus Van Dyke CB

    Current Pick: James Carpenter OT

    After reaching for DeMarcus Van Dyke, the Raiders actually get good value here for James Carpenter and upgrade their offensive line.

Round 3

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    82. San Diego Chargers

    Previous Picks: J.J. Watt DE, Bruce Carter LB, William Rackley G

    Current Pick: Jerrel Jernigan WR

    Jerrel Jernigan may be a bit undersized, he does have the great speed to make up for it and the Chargers could use another receiver given that Vincent Jackson held out for most of last season.

Round 3

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    83. New York Giants

    Previous Pick: Gabe Carimi OT, Mikel Leshoure RB

    Current Pick: Casey Matthews LB

    The Giants need linebacker help and Casey Matthews brings a pedigree with him since his brother Clay plays for the Packers.

Round 3

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    84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Previous Picks: Cameron Jordan DE, Curtis Brown CB

    Current Pick: Daniel Thomas RB

    Even with the breakout season by LeGarrette Blount, the Buccaneers could be losing Carnell Williams to free agency and Daniel Thomas is just too good value to pass up here.

Round 3

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    85. Philadelphia Eagles

    Previous Picks: Anthony Castonzo OT, Brandon Burton CB

    Current Pick: Johnny White RB

    The Eagles have LeSean McCoy however no one really as a power back and Daniel Thomas could fill that role and more for the team.

Round 3

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    86. Kansas City Chiefs

    Previous Picks: Nate Solder OT, Randall Cobb WR

    Current Pick: Kenrick Ellis DT

    Kenrick Ellis is considered by many of us to be a potential steal from the draft as long as his character issues don’t become a problem.

Round 3

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    87. Indianapolis Colts

    Previous Picks: Muhammad Wilkerson DT, Rodney Hudson C/G

    Current Pick: Lee Ziemba OT

    The Colts take another offensive lineman to try and solidify their offensive line and keep Peyton Manning on his feet.

Round 3

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    88. New Orleans Saints

    Previous Picks: Da’Quan Bowers DE, Clint Boling G, Kelvin Sheppard LB

    Current Pick: Marcus Gilchrist CB

    New Orleans adds another defensive piece with Gilchrist, and he could end up converting to safety on the team.

Round 3

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    89. San Diego Chargers(from Seattle Seahawks)

    Previous Pick: J.J. Watt DE, Bruce Carter LB, William Rackley G, Jerrel Jernigen WR

    Current Pick: Joshua Thomas CB

    Quentin Jammer is getting older for the Chargers and Joshua Thomas would compete for that third corner spot on the team.

Round 3

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    90. Baltimore Ravens

    Previous Picks: Jimmy Smith CB, Marcus Cannon OT

    Current Pick: Sam Acho DE/LB

    After the unfortunate accident to last year’s second round pick Sergio Kindle, the Ravens need to improve their pass rush.

Round 3

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    91. Atlanta Falcons

    Previous Picks: Adrian Clayborn DE, Orlando Franklin G

    Current Pick: Virgil Green TE

    Virgil Green already has great hands and he would be able to learn from one of the best tight ends in NFL history in Tony Gonzalez for at least a season.

Round 3

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    92. New England Patriots

    Previous Picks: Mike Pouncey C/G, Justin Houston DE/LB, Ryan Williams RB, Allen Bailey DE, Greg Little WR

    Current Pick: Johnny Patrick CB

    Even though the Patriots struck gold with first-round pick Devin MCourty, they could still use Johnny Patrick for some good depth.

Round 3

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    93. Chicago Bears

    Previous Picks: Danny Watkins G, Jonathan Baldwin WR

    Current Pick: Terrell McClain DT

    After releasing Tommie Harris, the Bears have a hole at the defensive tackle position and Terrell McClain would contribute immediately.

Round 3

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    94. New York Jets

    Previous Pick: Brooks Reed DE/LB

    Current Pick: Ahmad Black S

    Safety is a need for the Jets considering Jim Leonhard is coming off a bad leg injury, and they do not know if he will be the same player.

Round 3

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    95. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Previous Picks: Aaron Williams CB, Ras-I Dowling CB

    Current Pick: Tandon Doss WR

    Wide receiver is definitely not a need for the Steelers but Tandon Doss just represents too much value here with this pick.

Round 3

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    96. Green Bay Packers

    Previous Pick: Akeem Ayers LB, Jarvis Jenkins DT/DE

    Current Pick: Davon House CB

    There is some question on how long Charles Woodson can continue to play at a high level and Davon House could be a steal from the draft.

Round 3

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    97. Carolina Panthers(compensation selection)

    Previous Picks: Cam Newton QB, Drake Nevis DT

    Current Pick: Gregory Salas WR

    The Panthers looked to have found something in David Gettis and yet they still need more around veteran Steve Smith.

Round 4

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    98. Carolina Panthers

    Luke Stocker TE


    99. Seattle Seahawks(from Denver Broncos through New England Patriots)

    Christopher Carter LB


    100. Buffalo Bills

    Austin Pettis WR


    101. Cincinnati Bengals

    Cortez Allen CB


    102. Cleveland Browns

    Christian Ballard DE


    103. Arizona Cardinals

    Shareece Wright CB


    104. Philadelphia Eagles(from Washington Redskins)

    Andrew Jackson G


    105. Houston Texans

    Jaiquawn Jarrett S


    106. Minnesota Vikings

    Greg McElroy QB


    107. Detroit Lions

    Pernell McPhee DE

Round 4

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    108. San Francisco 49ers

    James Brewer OT


    109. Tennessee Titans

    Colin McCarthy LB


    110. Dallas Cowboys

    Joseph Lefeged S


    111. Miami Dolphins

    Brandon Hogan CB


    112. St. Louis Rams

    Jacquizz Rogers RB


    113. Oakland Raiders

    Tyler Sash S


    114. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Kendric Burney CB


    115. San Francisco 49ers(from San Diego Chargers)

    Vincent Brown WR


    116. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Greg Jones LB


    117. New York Giants

    Shiloh Keo S

Round 4

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    118. Kansas City Chiefs

    Johnny White RB


    119. Indianapolis Colts

    Buster Skrine CB


    120. Philadelphia Eagles

    Niles Paul WR


    121. Jacksonville Jaguars(from New Orleans Saints)

    John Clay RB


    122. Buffalo Bills(from Seattle Seahawks)

    Curtish Marsh CB


    123. Baltimore Ravens

    Akeem Dent LB


    124. Atlanta Falcons

    Lawrence Guy DT


    125. New England Patriots

    Joe Barksdale OT


    126. New York Jets

    Jordan Todman RB


    127. Chicago Bears

    DeMarco Murray RB


    128. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Greg Romeus DE


    129. Green Bay Packers

    Cecil Shorts WR


    130. Tennessee Titans (compensation pick)

    Jalil Brown CB


    131. Green Bay Packers (compensation pick)

    D.J. Williams TE

Round 5

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    132. Carolina Panthers

    Chris Hairston OT


    133. Buffalo Bills

    Robert Housler TE


    134. Cincinnati Bengals

    Alexander Green RB


    135. Kansas City Chiefs(from Denver Broncos through Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

    Nate Irving LB


    136. Arizona Cardinals

    Dwayne Harris WR


    137. Cleveland Browns

    Derrick Locke RB


    138. Houston Texans

    Demarcus Love OT


    139. Minnesota Vikings

    Ricardo Lockette WR


    140. Kansas City Chiefs(from Detroit Lions due to tampering)

    Mark Herzlich LB


    141. San Francisco 49ers

    Rashad Carmichael CB


    142. Tennessee Titans

    Greg Lloyd LB

Round 5

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    143. Dallas Cowboys

    Cedric Thornton DT


    144. Washington Redskins

    Taiwan Jones RB


    145. St. Louis Rams

    Jason Pinkston OT


    146. Miami Dolphins

    Ross Homan LB


    147. Jacksonville Jaguars

    DeAndre McDaniel S


    148. Oakland Raiders

    K.J. Wright LB


    149. Philadelphia Eagles(from San Diego Chargers)

    Lawrence Wilson LB


    150. Minnesota Vikings(from New York Giants)

    David Arkin G


    151. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Jordan Cameron TE


    152. Indianapolis Colts

    Jeremy Kerley WR


    153. Philadelphia Eagles

    Sione Fua DT

Round 5

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    154. Detroit Lions (from Kansas City due to tampering)

    Zach Hurd G


    155. Washington Redskins (from New Orleans Saints)

    Jeron Johnson S


    156. Seattle Seahawks

    Chimdi Chekwa CB


    157. Seattle Seahawks (from Baltimore Ravens)

    Nicholas Bellore LB


    158. Atlanta Falcons

    Orie Lemon LB


    159. New England Patriots

    Cliff Matthews LB


    160. Chicago Bears

    Deunta Williams S


    161. New York Jets

    Darvin Adams WR


    162. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Jarriel King OT


    163. Green Bay Packers

    Josh Davis OT


    164. Baltimore Ravens (compensation pick)

    Terrence Tolliver WR


    165. Baltimore Ravens (compensation pick)

    Charles Clay FB

Round 6

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    166. Carolina Panthers

    Keith Williams G


    167. Cincinnati Bengals

    Kris O’Dowd C


    168. Cleveland Browns(from Denver Broncos)

    Eric Hagg S


    169. Buffalo Bills

    Bruce Miller LB


    170. Cleveland Browns

    Denarius Moore WR


    171. Arizona Cardinals

    Robert Sands S


    172. Minnesota Vikings

    Ian Williams DT


    173. Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit Lions)

    Martin Parker DT


    174. San Francisco 49ers

    Jerrell Powe DT


    175. Tennessee Titans

    Ladi Ajiboye DT


    176. Dallas Cowboys

    John Graves DE

Round 6

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    177. Washington Redskins

    Rick Elmore LB


    178. Houston Texans

    Dion Lewis RB


    179. Miami Dolphins

    Lee Smith TE


    180. Baltimore Ravens (from St. Louis Rams)

    Brendan Bair DE


    181. Oakland Raiders

    Shane Vereen RB


    182. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Mike Mohamed LB


    183. San Diego Chargers

    Sealver Siliga DE


    184. Arizona Cardinals (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers through Philadelphia Eagles)

    Christopher Neild DT


    185. New York Giants

    Dane Sanzenbacher WR


    186. Denver Broncos (from Philadelphia Eagles through Detroit Lions)

    Karl Klug DE


    187. Tampa Bay Buccaneeers (from Kansas City Chiefs)

    Devon Torrence CB

Round 6

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    189. Denver Broncos (from New Orleans Saints through New England Patriots)

    Chris L. Rucker CB


    190. San Francisco 49ers (from Seattle Seahawks)

    Adam Grant OT


    191. Baltimore Ravens

    Pat Devlin QB


    192. Atlanta Falcons

    Bilal Powell RB


    193. New England Patriots

    Jeremy Beal DE


    194. New York Jets

    Brandon Fusco G


    195. Chicago Bears

    Aldrick Robinson WR


    196. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Frank Kearse DT


    197. Green Bay Packers

    Derrell Johnson-Koulianos WR


    198. New York Giants (compensation pick)

    Bryant Browning G


    199. Kansas City Chiefs (compensation pick)

    T.J. Yates QB


    200. Minnesota Vikings (compensation pick)

    Adrian Taylor DT


    201. San Diego Chargers (compensation pick)

    Scott Tolzien QB


    202. New York Giants (compensation pick)

    Nathan Enderle QB


    203. Carolina Panthers (compensation pick)

    Anthony Allen RB

Round 7

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    204. Green Bay Packers (from Carolina Panthers)

    Zane Taylor C


    205. Detroit Lions

    Ryan Donahue P


    206. Buffalo Bills

    Adam Grant OT


    207. Cincinnati Bengals

    Josh Portis QB


    208. New York Jets (from Arizona Cardinals)

    Jerrod Johnson QB


    209. Seattle Seahawks (from Cleveland Browns)

    Stevan Ridley RB


    210. Atlanta Falcons (from Detroit Lions)

    Zane Parr DE


    211. San Francisco 49ers

    Olong Ogbu DE


    212. Tennessee Titans

    Roy Helu RB


    213. Washington Redskins

    Matt Bosher P


    214. Houston Texans

    Chas Henry P


    215. Minnesota Vikings

    Alex Henery K


    216. St. Louis Rams

    Ugo Chinasa DE


    217. Miami Dolphins

    Kai Forbath K

Round 7

76 of 78

    218. Miami Dolphins (from Jacksonville Jaguars)

    Garrett Chisolm G


    219. Oakland Raiders

    Lawrence Marsh DE


    220. Dallas Cowboys (from San Diego Chargers)

    Josh Jasper K/P


    221. New York Giants

    Weslye Saunders TE


    222. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Scott Lutrus LB


    223. Kansas City Chiefs

    Korey Lindsey CB


    224. Washington Redskins (from Indianapolis Colts)

    Taylor Potts QB


    225. Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia Eagles)

    Ted Laurent DT


    226. New Orleans Saints

    Da’Rel Scott RB


    227. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle Seahawks)

    Ryan Whalen WR


    228. St. Louis Rams

    DeAndre Brown WR


    229. Atlanta Falcons

    Chykie Brown CB


    230. Atlanta Falcons (from New England Patriots)

    Kyle Hix OT

Round 7

77 of 78

    231. San Francisco 49ers (from New York Jets through Detroit Lions)

    Dan Baily K


    232. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Noel Devine RB


    233. Green Bay Packers

    Zack Eskridge QB


    234. San Diego Chargers (compensation pick)

    Michael Blanc DE


    235. Miami Dolphins (compensation pick)

    Mario Harvey LB


    236. Minnesota Vikings (compensation pick)

    Zachary Williams C


    237. Philadelphia Eagles (compensation pick)

    Derek Newton OL


    238. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensation pick)

    Dexter Larimore DE


    239. San Francisco 49ers(compensation pick)

    Terrance Turner WR


    240. Philadelphia Eagles (compensation pick)

    Anthony Sherman FB


    241. Oakland Raiders (compensation pick)

    Julius Thomas TE


    242. Seattle Seahawks (compensation pick)

    Jason Kelce C

Round 7

78 of 78

    243. New Orleans Saints (compensation pick)

    Cameron Graham TE


    244. Carolina Panthers (compensation pick)

    Ryan Bartholomew C


    245. Buffalo Bills (compensation pick)

    Alex Wujiack LB


    246. Cincinnati Bengals (compensation pick)

    Demarcus Dobbs


    247. Denver Broncos (compensation pick)

    Brian Rolle LB


    248. Cleveland Browns (compensation pick)

    Jonas Mouton LB


    249. Arizona Cardinals (compensation pick)

    Byron Maxwell CB


    250. San Francisco 49ers (compensation pick)

    Daniel Hardy TE


    251. Tennessee Titans (compensation pick)

    Preston Dial TE


    252. Dallas Cowboys (compensation pick)

    Andrew McGee CB


    253. Washington Redskins (compensation pick)

    Richard Sherman CB


    254. Houston Texans (compensation pick)

    Armon Binns WR