Al Davis Fired the Wrong Coach

FL Raider GirlAnalyst IOctober 12, 2008

I said it to all of my friends and family the minute I found out that Al Davis had fired Lane Kiffin: "Al Davis fired the wrong guy."

The defense is sketchy. They played well against Kansas City, but hey, it's Kansas City.  They did well against Buffalo—until they went to Prevent Defense, and then they sucked again.  They did well against San Diego, until the wonderful Prevent D, and again they gave their opponents the game.

As I type this, it's the fourth quarter of the Raiders-Saints game, and there are 34 unanswered points on the board from the Saints.  The Raiders' defense, mostly the secondary, is falling apart under Rob Ryan.

I don't know what Al was thinking.  He can't be happy with what is going on down in New Orleans.  It's a mess.  I know they're on the field a lot, but that excuse is getting old.  They weren't tired in the first quarter when the game started. And they started off crappy.

The whole point of this article, which will be short, is that Al Davis needs to give this team to someone else.  He cannot run this organization anymore. This team has gone to hell in a hand basket and I feel sorry for some of the players that are good.

I'm done complaining and I'm done saying that maybe next week we will win.  We will not win again until Al Davis signs his name on the dotted line.

I'm glad Al Davis is at the game, and that he sees first-hand that he should have fired Rob Ryan instead of Kiffin.  Big mistake, Al. 

Hope you're happy!