Kimbo Slice: A Class Act

Tom WillockContributor IOctober 12, 2008

Last week, some of us witnessed Kimbo Slice get knocked out in 14 seconds.

I was expecting excuses and a bad attitude from Kimbo when the fight was over.  Instead, he showed professionalism and class. He congratulated Seth Petruzelli on his victory, without even a hint of an excuse. 

To me, this shows how Kimbo has truly become a professional.  Sure, he trained for a ground battle with Ken Shamrock but ended up fighting an unknown at the extreme last minute. A lot of experts had been claiming Elite XC was setting Kimbo up for disaster from the very beginning of his career.  I have been a fan of Kimbo from the start, and I will remain so. 

Hopefully, the public can understand that this happens in such a violent, and sensitive sport.  We can all enjoy future Kimbo events, if we look at it like any other professional sport. Every top fighter has lost at some point in time, other than Rocky Marciano. 

Really, in my opinion, this may have been the best thing.  If Kimbo had lost to an aging Shamrock, rather than a young prospect, it may have really hurt his credibility.  I look forward to watching Kimbo come back from this loss with ease.  His trainer, Bas Rutten, is a savvy veteran who will bring Kimbo through this, and make him a better fighter for it.