MMA Knockout of the Day: Nick Pace's Flying Knee Knockout

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IApril 26, 2011

In yet another great performance and highlight-reel finish from the Bellator promotion, Nick Pace ended the night of Collin Tebo pretty quickly.

Pace entered the fight with only one pro bout under his belt, and so did Tebo. Nevertheless, these two inexperienced fighters put together one of the better finishes in a young promotion.

During the first round, Pace put an end to Tebo's night in a Jose Aldo-esque flying knee to the dome. Both fighters had won their previous—and first—bout, but nothing prepared them for this.

Bellator 11 will now go down in posterity for having one of the prettier highlight-reel knockouts in the promotion's history.

Since the bout between Pace and Tebo, Pace has gone on to fight for the WEC and now is a bantamweight fighter in the UFC's new division for that weight class. His next bout is against Michael McDonald at UFC 133. Since the fight, however, Pace has gone 4-1 with his only loss coming against Demetrious Johnson at WEC 51. He is currently 6-1 professionally.

Tebo, on the other hand, hasn't shared that success—or any success for that matter. Since this Bellator 11 fight in June of 2009, he has yet to make an appearance professionally and has seemingly disappeared from the professional ranks of MMA.

For the rest of his career though, Tebo will be known as the guy who ate a flying knee at Bellator 11.