We Need a WWE/TNA War!

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

Most of us agree that pro wrestling/sports entertainment has become stale. Like Tupac said at the Grammy's back in '96 before he introduced the original lineup of KISS reunited and back in make up: "It's time to shock the people, so let's shock the people!"

Something drastic is needed, so how about a new Monday night war? Of course, this would all be in the hands of those at TNA and Spike TV. They would have to do one of two things: go live weekly and head-to-head with RAW, or go taped against taped Friday nights against SMACKDOWN.

The latter would be the cheaper route and perhaps a good way to test the waters. If it does well, then go for the weekly live battle on Mondays.

If ever there was a time for TNA to give this a try, I would say now is it! RAW ratings are still good, but not what they used to be, and SMACKDOWN has just moved to a smaller national network. Those factors, along with the recent signing of Mick Foley, work in TNA's favor.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a choice on Monday or Friday nights? Obviously, the shows going head-to-head would lead to better matches, better story lines, and perhaps even raiding of talent from one roster to the other. These are all the things that made the 1994-2000 WWF vs. WCW war so entertaining!