College Football Picks: After Two Weeks I Am 6-0

Christopher Williams@@6thCLagniappeCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

Each week I will be posting three games that you should bet on. Since I started posting two weeks ago, I am 6-0.

Am I saying my picks are lock picks? No, because if you believe there is such a thing as a lock pick then you should not be betting. Do you think the odds makers are in the business of giving away money? What I am telling you is that the picks I offer are low risk picks.

You can listen to the guys who will throw a sales pitch at you, but if you want the truth you come to me. The key to making money when betting on games is to not bet on every game. Some games are too risky and there are too many factors that can cause the game to go either way.

Right now I tell you what games to pick, but if you want to know why I think you should not bet on a game leave me a comment or send me an email at

Right now I only provide information for College Football games, but I am planning on posting on NBA also, so let your friends know where they can get low risk picks.

Thanks for reading.