Stadium Stories: What Is Your Greatest College Football Moment?

RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2008

I am looking to see who has the best college football stadium story.

I know this could create some interesting comments, but I want to know who has a story that rivals all others. My goal is to take all the stories and pick the ten best and then have you the fans vote on the best stadium story.

This is a little off the wall, and I realize it is against the norm of tellng each other how much we hate each other's team or conference, but I was sitting around thinking about all the incredible times I had going to Buckeye games, and I wanted to get a feel for all the college teams fans.

Tell anything you want as long as it pertains to college fooball. I am curious to see just how crazy everyone gets at their tailgates or in their stadium.

On May 1, 2008 I will post the 10 best on my blog and then let you guys vote.

This is all in good fun and will help all of us pass the time until spring practices. Everyone knows how boring time is with no colege football. I am expecting great participation so have fun with it. 

Good luck, and may the best story win.