Why We Should Boo Booing: Ashley Cole and the Wembley Aftermath

Chris RowlandsCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

Saturday, Oct. 11. England vs. Kazakhstan. As expected, England slotted five goals past the minnows. Unexpectedly, though, Kazakhstan got a goal! Ashley Cole was the man responsible, slotting an accidentally excellent cross, which Kukeyev sublimely tucked past David James.

After this, Cole was booed by a minority of England fans, which, in my opinion, is shameful behaviour. I can understand why a fan would want to boo a player; after all, it costs a fortune to get into Wembley, and conceding to Kazakhstan wouldn't amuse me, either.

This is still no excuse for what they did. Everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others. You don't boo people who drop pens; you don't boo people who give incorrect change. Cole's mistake didn't really cause much worry; Kazakhstan were never going to score another goal.

Sometimes I think Wembley resembles a zoo; whenever the "animals" do something the crowd doesn't want them too, we shout at them. Footballers do get paid a lot, but if your company was making millions, wouldn't you expect some of that money to come to you?

If the crowd wanted Cole to play better, booing was the worst possible solution. No one likes that kind of pressure put on them, even less when it isn't really deserved. The best way to prevent this is name and shame the abusers, perhaps even ban them.