Alabama and Texas Will Meet In The National Championship Game

mpeskyContributor IOctober 12, 2008

Coach Saban has warned Crimson Tide football fans not to "drink the Kool Aide" but we cannot help but gulp in down.

Bama's last National Title was way back in 1992. Bama beat Miami in the Sugar Bowl. Almost no one thought that Alabama could even play on the same field with Miami.

Gene Stallings and the team would buy no part of that thinking. They knew that Alabama could and would win. The fans have waited a very long time for Alabama to return to "the glory days." I believe that the "glory days" are here.

This team is very young and it lacks depth in vital places, but this team has heart. If Coach Saban stays at Bama you will see the return of the Tide to national prominence.

I predict that Alabama will meet Florida in the SEC championship Game in Atlanta. Alabama will win this game.