2011 NFL Draft Scouting Profile: Cam Jordan to New Orleans Saints

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 28, 2011

The son of six-time Pro Bowl TE Steve Jordan, Cam is now a professional football player like his father. An explosive end from Berkley, Jordan has the skill set to be a mainstay among standouts in the NFL.

At 6'4" and nearly 290 pounds, Jordan shows very good initial quickness at the snap and is a solid athlete. Some scouts have talked him up to be the defensive end who can play in a 30 front or 40 front. Jordan does a solid job of staying clean in his rush and using his hands.

He can play run by playing big at the point, stacking well and shedding blocks to make the tackle. Jordan has the play speed to chase along and down the line in pursuit. He should be a solid pro.

Jordan will fit in nicely in the Big Easy. He can play the strong side or LDE spot in the Greg Williams' 4-3 scheme and should team with Will Smith as a nice pass rush tandem in the NFC South. Also look for Jordan to see some time at DT, primarily in sub packages.

Pick Grade: A