Urban Meyer May Be a Better Coach Than Muschamp, but Will Is the Bigger Man.

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IApril 26, 2011

I walk alone!
I walk alone!Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

I would like to commend Will Muschamp for his handling of the Janoris Jenkins drug arrest. It takes a man of strong character and principle to not only speak of morals and ethics, but to stand upon them in a tough situation.

To anyone outside of Gainesville, it may not seem like kicking a player off a team after his third arrest in 18 months is hard, but given the impact that Janoris Jenkins can have on a game, it is huge.

Janoris Jenkins is possible a first-round NFL talent, that used under a defensive mind such as Muschamp, could have game changing implications. For a first-year and first-time coach at a major university, it takes guts to kick your best player of the team.

It would have been easy for Muschamp to say that Janoris will be suspended indefinitely and then handle the matter internally—to keep him out for two or three games but to leave the door open for a return during the heart of conference play.

Given the laissez-faire attitude that Muschamp's predecessor had towards discipline, a simple suspension may have seemed harsh enough. Players may have gotten the message that things need to change even with a less harsh punishment.

Instead, Will Muschamp took this as an opportunity to let the country and his players know that illegal conduct will not be tolerated. He took a stand on his principles and sent a great player packing for a victory that will not be achieved on the sidelines. 

The victory that Will Muschamp achieved is one that helps you sleep better at night. A victory that lets others know what kind of man you are. This is a victory that will resonate with parents worried about who will be guiding their children for the next four years.

With this victory, the parents of the players in Gainesville can sleep a little easier tonight knowing that their children finally have someone who cares about their growth as a citizen and a person—not just an athlete.

Urban Meyer may very well be a better coach than Will Muschamp, but today Will is the better man.