NFL Draft 2011: 5 Prospects with the Most Weight to Lose Before Training Camp

Michael Mill@@MikeMill23Senior Analyst IIIApril 27, 2011

NFL Draft 2011: 5 Prospects with the Most Weight to Lose Before Training Camp

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    Every season, there are players who show up at the NFL combine or their pro days overweight and out of shape.

    We all remember Terrence Cody and Andre Smith coming out of Alabama. Their careers have taken off in the wrong direction and it all began with laziness.

    On the other hand, others like LaGarrette Blount, who was overweight heading into last season, find a way to turn it around and shoot off to a bright start in a promising career.

    Does anybody remember how lumpy Tom Brady looked when he was weighed pre-draft?

    The following list consists of players to keep an eye on.

    Here are five big-name players who will need to shave off a few pounds before the start of the 2011 season begins.

5. LB Justin Houston (Georgia)

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    Justin Houston would benefit greatly if he would lose or gain some weight before the start of the season.

    Right now Houston is set as a bit of a tweener at 270 pounds. He is a little too small to play defensive end, but it likely a little too big to play outside linebacker.

    The problem isn't a huge concern for Houston since he has great speed to make up for his larger frame.

    The bigger concern will probably be character concerns, especially after failing the drug test at the NFL combine.

4. OT Marcus Gilbert (Florida)

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    Marcus Gilbert had the pressure of protecting Tim Tebow's blind side at Florida. In college, he succeeded with the task.

    However, he has the build of a player that will need to move inside at the next level. Gilbert has the skill set of an offensive tackle, but at 330 pounds may be too big for the position.

    He lacks the lateral quickness to compete against some of the top defensive ends in the NFL.

    If he is able to drop a few pounds and improve on this, he could turn out to be a good third-round pick for a team in this year's draft.

3. DT Phil Taylor (Baylor)

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    There were some major character concerns surrounding Phil Taylor at the start of his collegiate career.

    After being kicked out of Penn State, Taylor found a home in Baylor. It appears that he has since turned his career around, and could be a first round pick on Thursday.

    Taylor reportedly lost roughly 40 pounds this season, dropping him to 339 pounds.

    At his current weight, he is still pretty big for a defensive tackle. It may be in his best interest to keep working to lose a little more before the 2011 season starts.

2. OT Orlando Franklin (Miami)

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    Orlando Franklin's stock has been steadily dropping over the last month.

    At one point, Franklin was projected as a late first-round pick. Now, with some concerns about his work ethic and weight, he could slip into the third round. reported that Franklin showed up to Miami's Pro Day with some weight gain and looked out of shape.

    This is something that needs to be taken seriously, since we have seen top talents at offensive tackle fall off due to poor work ethic in recent drafts.

1. OT Marcus Cannon (TCU)

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    Yes, if you weren't aware of this, Marcus Cannon is actually an offensive tackle.

    Due to his enormous frame, every scouting expert expects Cannon to play in the NFL as an offensive guard.

    At 358 pounds, Cannon is still huge even for a guard.

    However, the huge frame is one of the positives for Cannon. He has a surprising quickness about him that you wouldn't expect from a man his size.

    That said, he could still afford to lose a little of that weight before the 2010 season, even if it's only 10 pounds.