WWE Draft 2011 Results: Who Has Moved in the Supplemental Draft?

Al Constable@AlBleacherSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2011

I know my last couple of draft articles rag on the Supplemental Drafts as the guys who WWE doesn't care about enough to give worth-while TV time, but I am interested in reality.

I am just as interested in Tyson Kidd's move to SmackDown as I am Randy Orton's.

It allows the midcard to shake up and give us some fresh matches for WWE Superstars; it also pretty much means you are not on the immediate future endeavours list.

Anyways, without further wait, here is the list of Superstars drafted on WWE.com:

1. Daniel Bryan to SmackDown
2. Jack Swagger to Raw
3. The Great Khali to SmackDown
4. Jimmy Uso to SmackDown
5. Kelly Kelly to Raw
6. JTG to Raw
7. Alicia Fox to SmackDown
8. William Regal to SmackDown
9. Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown
10. Drew McIntyre to Raw
11. Natalya to SmackDown
12. Curt Hawkins to Raw
13. Chris Masters to Raw
14. Jey Uso to SmackDown
15. Kofi Kingston to Raw
16. Ted DiBiase to SmackDown
17. Tyson Kidd to SmackDown
18. Tamina to SmackDown
19. Tyler Reks to Raw
20. Alex Riley to SmackDown
21. Beth Phoenix to Raw
22. Sheamus to SmackDown

Out of the picks, I expected Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger, The Great Khali and William Regal to make their moves.

Bryan will be at home on the wrestling-orientated SmackDown, Swagger has made regular Raw appearances this year and Khali is always kept on the opposite brand to Big Show.

Regal has been a commentator for NXT, which is filmed before SmackDownthis is purely a convenience move.

The moves I hope will lead to greater things are for The Usos, Kelly Kelly, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase, Tamina and Beth Phoenix. These guys and gals have become lost in the shuffle on their former brands and the move could revitalise their careers.

The disappointing moves have to be Natalya and Kofi Kingston. Natalya faded tremendously once losing the title to Eve Torres and was used sparingly on Raw. Kofi never made the huge impact expected from him on the blue brand, and being drafted via supplemental means he will be 100 percent mid-card for the foreseeable future.

I personally feel it was a mistake to move Alex Riley to SmackDown. He could have used a breakup with The Miz to seriously boost his career. Then again, he is employed by The Awesome One, which could allow access to both shows for each man.

Also, what does it mean for Sheamus to go to SmackDown with the US Championship? Both him and Barrett have the mid-card titles. Is a unification on the cards?

So there we have it, the final draft picks of 2011!

Put your bets on which moves WWE will regret now and change in a few months time. Look for the likes of Melina and DH Smith to be released in the next few weeks.