WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Predicting the Winners of Each Match at Extreme Rules

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIApril 28, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Predicting the Winners of Each Match at Extreme Rules

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    With the conclusion of the WWE Draft, attention can now shift to the Extreme Rules Pay Per View. The draft has created many new questions regarding the outcomes of some of the matches on the card.

    I will breakdown each match and give reasons as to why each superstar could come out victorious. I will then give you my pick to win.

    As always, feel free to let your opinions loose in the comment section.

Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger (Country Whipping Match)

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    This match has taken to much time away from the competitors on Raw. All the build up has led to many superstars not being able to showcase their abilities. Hopefully, this is the end of the storyline so Raw can get back to having its superstars compete, not its announcers.


    How Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross Can Win

    Simply put, Jerry Lawler should do most of the wrestling. JR is in this match as a novelty, more than a partner. JR allows the fans to get behind an old "friend" and give the match some (not much) interest. If Jerry does most of the fighting then they should pick up the win. To ensure victory, Jack Swagger may even turn on Cole and help Lawler and Ross win.


    How Michael Cole & Jack Swagger Can Win

    Just like Lawler must do for his team, Swagger must do most of the fighting. If Swagger can stay loyal to Cole and take out Lawler then this team will win. I expect Cole to come in at the right times (when Ross is down in the ring already) and taunt JR and maybe do some basic moves. If Swagger stays loyal then I think they will pick up the win.


    And the Winners Are...

    Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross.

    Look for Swagger to turn on Cole and for JR to pick up the win.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

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    This is one of the best rivalries in the WWE right now. Cody Rhodes has become an upper mid card heel and is one step away from main eventing. This rivalry stems back to when Rey Mysterio gave Cody Rhodes a "broken" nose.

    Cody got his revenge at Wrestlemania by defeating Rey, but that is not enough for the Un-Dashing One. Rhodes has vowed to demask Rey and disfigure hm so that he is seen as a monster to his family and fans.


    How Rey Mysterio Can Win

    Rey needs to use Cody's mindset against him. Cody should come in with a high level of aggression and Rey should use that against him. As long as Mysterio can stay on the offensive and keep the match up to a quick pace then Mysterio will be primed for the victory.


    How Cody Rhodes Can Win

    The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation helps Rhodes in a few ways. Cody being the aggressive heel, can use the environment to his advantage and slow down Mysterio's offense.

    Rhodes can also use anything he sees fit to disfigure Rey. Rhodes simply needs to come into the match fast and aggressive, get the offensive going quick to slow down Rey Mysterio.


    The Winner is...

    Rey Mysterio.

    The match will end with Cody coming so close to victory, but at the last minute Rey pulls out an offensive array of moves that will put Cody out for the count. The rivalry will probably end with Rey and Cody being on different brands. Hopefully Cody will go on to bigger and better things.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk (Last Man Standing Match)

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    Quite possibly the best match of the night. These two have been going at each other for months and this match will be the final stand. Hopefully the New Nexus does not interfere at all; I want to see a good fight between these two guys.


    How CM Punk Can Win

    CM Punk needs to come in and do what he does best, play hard and fast. If CM Punk can ground punk quickly and make the match last longer then he has a good chance of winning.

    One of CM Punk's problems though is lack of momentum. In matches involving Randy Orton, Punk is 0-5 over the last five matches. A win here however would change all that.


    How Randy Orton Can Win

    Randy Orton needs to keep an eye out for the New Nexus. If he can eliminate them then he should be well on his way to defeating CM Punk. Randy has all the momentum heading into Sunday, he just needs to finish off CM Punk. Like Punk said on Raw, a single RKO will not end this match, Randy will be forced to play the whole game, not just the last minute.

    Your winner is...

    Randy Orton.

    The WWE will not let Smackdown's newly acquired top face lose. Randy needs to solidify himself as the top face on the blue brand and a win here would do just that.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match)

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    The match that everyone has been talking about. The WWE could not write a better storyline if they tried. Edge retires and is forced to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship. His best friend becomes number one contender for that belt.

    The match is one that both Edge and Christian made famous. Christian has a chance to take out the man who says he ended Edge's career. Does it get any better than that?


    How Alberto Del Rio Can Win

    Del Rio has been wanting to fulfill his destiny since he won the Royal Rumble. He gets another chance to do that this Sunday. Del Rio has to play up to the pro in this match.

    Out of all the people who could have been number one contender, Christian was Del Rio's worst option. Del Rio will need to use the environment in his favor and maybe use Brodus Clay as well.


    How Christian Can Win

    The moment that Christian has been waiting for is within reach. Christian has the advantage of being the veteran n this match setting. Christian needs to hold nothing back in this match and give it all he has. 

    One of Christian's problems may be that there is too much pressure on him. He has to win for Edge, he must obtain the object that has eluded him for so many years. Will he crack under pressure or succeed?

    Your winner is...


    There is no way that Raw will get both World Championships. Christian deserves the belt and he will get it. Maybe he can go onto feud with Cody Rhodes?

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

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    If I told you three years ago that The Miz, John Morrison and John Cena would headline a Pay Per View match for the WWE Championship, what would you have said?

    What would you have said if I told you that The Miz would be the champ entering the event? It is crazy to think how far The Miz and John Morrison have come in their careers thus far.


    How John Morrison Can Win

    John Morrison has the odds stacked against him in this one but anything is possible in the WWE. Morrison possesses raw athleticism and talent.

    I do not think that he is ready for a WWE Championship reign just yet but I could be wrong. Morrison needs to make this match memorable by using his athleticism. It will be 'Spiderman" versus "Superman" this Sunday.


    How John Cena Can Win

    Do I really need to explain how "SuperCena" can win on Sunday? Really?! John Cena is long overdue for a WWE Championship run and has been given multiple shots at the gold.

    John knows that he may not (he will) get another chance at the gold for a long time. I hope Cena brings something else to the table on Sunday instead of his usual four moves and an Attitude Adjustment.


    How The Miz Can Win

    The Miz is sitting on cloud nine right now. This is perhaps the biggest match of The Miz's career. Why? Because he has the chance to win cleanly for a change.

    Alex Riley was drafted to Smackdown so maybe The Mix will be on his own this Sunday. The Miz needs a clean win and defeating both John Morrison and John Cena in one match cleanly is a big accomplishment.

    The Miz can get the win by doing what he does best...waiting for the opportune moments and then pouncing.

    Your winner is...

    John Cena.

    Expect R-truth to interfere causing JoMo to lose. The Miz may become distracted and allow Cena to get the win. I think this outcome sets up for Cena vs. Del Rio at SummerSlam.


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    Well, so far those are the only announced matches for Extreme Rules. But just in case any new ones are made between now and the event, here are my predictions:

    Kane and the Big Show will not lose the Tag Championships.

    Sheamus will not lose the U.S. Championship.

    Wade Barrett will lose the Intercontinental Championship.

    Brie Bella will hold the Diva's Championship only to be squashed by Awesome Kong (Kharma).


    There, I think that covers all the possibilities.

    Thanks for reading.

    Leave your comments below.