Chris Masters Talks About The Ultimate Warrior

Stephan JohnsonContributor IOctober 11, 2008

As you all know, Ultimate Warrior made his in-ring return a couple of months ago for the European promotion NWE. But what you may not know is that former WWE Superstar Chris Masters was wrestling on the under card of the same show, and his experience meeting Warrior wasn't the best.


SLAM! Wrestling has an interview, in which he speaks his mind on the former IC and WWE Champ. According to Masters, Warrior didn't offer his best performance: "The guy trained for this match like it was a bodybuilding show. He hadn't wrestled legitimately in about 15 years, because let's be honest that WCW run doesn't even count. He gave Orlando a hip-toss and a backdrop and then blew up in two minutes; there was nothing that Orlando could do. He stunk the whole joint out. We were backstage and it was unlike any atmosphere I have ever felt. We asked Juventud Guerrera what they were chanting in Spanish and it was things like boring and bullsh--. Whatever he thinks his value is, he is completely delusional."


Masters goes on to call Warrior "The Ultimate A**hole."