The divas championship:a big mistake

gambit aierContributor IOctober 11, 2008

Is anyone excited about the divas championship? Because I for one am not!

The WWE should have given the divas more TV time before starting a title since the current divas on smackdown are mostly rookies in the ring (Natayla, Maryse, Bella Twins), apart from maybe Victoria (whose been lacking any major TV time for a while). Maria is more of a backstage interviewer type.

A title is fine on RAW because RAW has more of a solid Diva division, so maybe they should have drafted a few Diva's over to boltser the division if they wanted to add a new championship.

And why has that witch Vickie put away the cruiserweight title, i know the Divas roster was getting heated up but where are the cruiserweights? And why not title? Of course, they're getting beaten up by the bigger guys.

I see nothing wrong with having five titles on a show, maybe RAW could also reintroduce the hardcore title, or better yet start a intergender tag team division. Alternatively they could start one on ECW since it only has one title, maybe giving an opportunity to an up and coming superstar who hasn't made it to RAW or Smackdown.

Also, the divas have always been booked on the show even before they had a title to contend for, plus they can double duty as valets, but what is left for the cruiserweights to fight for? Are they all going to step up to the US title?

I'm not discriminating against diva's, but I think that the cruiserweights deserve more of the spotlight on smackdown.