Dodgers Look to Get Swagger Back in Game Three

Jeff SandbergContributor IOctober 11, 2008

How incredible did the Dodgers look just a week ago sweeping the Cubs?  So incredible everyone was wondering just how many games it would take until they got to the world series.

Now down 2-0, it's put up or shut up time for them.  They had all the confidence in the world heading into the series, but just as quickly as it was gained it was lost.  On the bright side, they are heading home where the Phillies haven't beaten them this year. 

What will it take?  All that is needed is a win in game three and everything will come back.

The formula?  Jump out to a big lead and never look back, carrying the momentum into games four and five for wins.  If they can manage that having the one-game cushion going into Philly, they will be playing more loosely and more free like they were against the Cubs.  The kind of baseball Manny loves. 

A loss in game three however would all but put an end to a remarkable season.  Maybe having a player from the only team to come back and win down 3-0 on their team will give them hope—but it would be false hope. 

Still, it's like I said, win game three and anything can happen after that!