WWE Video: Watch Stone Cold Steve Austin 'Rick Roll' His Twitter Followers

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WWE Hall-of-Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic wrestlers in the history of the industry and now that he's back in with the company, hosting the newest incarnation of Tough Enough, he's used his Twitter feed to reach out to people about the show.

Last night, after the latest episode, Austin tweeted a video, saying it was a bonus from the show. Well, that's not what you got if you clicked the link. What you got instead was Austin doing his own version of the Rick Roll.

If I have to explain to you what a Rick Roll is, then I feel sorry for you, but I'll take the time anyway. A Rick Roll is a famous Internet meme that circled around as people sent the video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" as a joke, and it turned into a phenomenon.

Austin must have been a couple of Steveweisers in last night, and he was lip syncing his heart out and the best part is that he nailed the dance from the video perfectly.

The whole thing is pure comedy, but nothing is funnier than the end, when he does the little spin move to close it out. I love when celebrities have fun with their Twitter account and interact with their followers and Austin has certainly done that.

While I think I can safely speak for all wrestling fans when I say that I miss seeing the Rattlesnake raise hell in the WWE, now that he's retired, having him do it on Twitter is enough for all of his fans.

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