Oh No...Toronto Maple Leafs Vol. I.

A KCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

The reality check for the Blue and White has come, and it has come hard and quick. 

On Saturday night the Montreal Canadiens showed the Leafs for what they are, a bunch of over-paid veterans, over-hyped AHLers, and under-developed prospects. The Canadiens beat the Leafs by a drubbing 6-1 victory.

The draft lottery is now in our sights, only 80 more losses to go and we got Tavares in the bag. 

This should wake up those delusional fans who think going down with the ship is some noble act. I much prefer jumping off the boat into a life raft and throwing bombs at the vessel I was just aboard. Explosions are cool, right?

However, and sadly, there was one plus out of last nights game; in his first regular season appearance with the Buds in over six years, Curtis Joseph, posted a shut out.