WWE Draft 2011 Results: SmackDown vs. Raw: Which Brand Had the Better Night?

Al Constable@AlBleacherSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2011

WWE Draft 2011 Results: SmackDown vs. Raw: Which Brand Had the Better Night?

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    So the main bulk of the draft is over and done with and we now know what major stars are going to be appearing on each show. The Supplemental Draft is still yet to happen but let's face it, that's for the guys who the WWE keep on their potential budget cut list.

    So I will rate each draft pick out of 5 and  total up the score with other picks to see which brand has the highest score. The brand with the biggest collection of points will be considered to have had the better night.

    Keep in mind this is personal opinion and nothing official. You are entitled to your own claim on who had the better night.

1) John Cena to SmackDown

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    WWE Champion (x7)

    World Heavyweight Champion (x2)

    World Tag Team Champion (x2)

    WWE Tag Team Champion (x2)

    United States Champion (x3)

    2008 Royal Rumble Winner

    I don't think I need to say much more beyond this. He is the face of the WWE and SmackDown couldn't have started off stronger.

    SmackDown: 5

    Raw: 0

2) Rey Mysterio to Raw

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    World Heavyweight Champion (x2)

    WWE Tag Team Champion (x4)

    Intercontinental Champion (x2)

    Cruiserweight Champion (x3)

    2006 Royal Rumble Winner

    21st Triple Crown Champion

    While not as strong in comparison to Cena's move to SmackDown it is a pretty good swap. Mysterio, while not in such good condition as he once was, can still put on a good show when the occasion arises.

    The move to Raw lets him once again try and crack the live portion of WWE's television shows where his last stint was mired in mediocirty. He's pretty much fought everyone on SmackDown, so the move is good for both fans and superstars alike.

    SmackDown: 5

    Raw: 4

3) Randy Orton to SmackDown

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    WWE Champion (x6)

    World Heavyweight Champion (x1)

    World Tag Team Champion (x1)

    Intercontinental Champion (x1)

    SmackDown respond by taking the second biggest fan favourite of the company to the blue side. Now the show has the two biggest stars in WWE working on Friday nights. Raw had a pretty stacked roster at the beginning of this night but now things are beginning to turn.

    SmackDown: 10

    Raw: 4

4) Mark Henry to SmackDown

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    ECW Champion (x1)

    European Champion (x1)

    I saw Mark Henry perform live last week when he beat Ted DiBiase on Superstars. I can easily say that he is popular with the fans but his move set is limited. Clotheslines and power out counters are his only form of attack and I doubt he has much shelf life left. The move to SmackDown won't benefit him but could help the heels of the SmackDown midcard who need a big win.

    SmackDown: 12

    Raw: 4

5) Sin Cara to SmackDown

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    Yet to win any Honours in WWE.

    The newcomer Sin Cara was an elementary move with Rey Mysterio going the other way. With SmackDown having a huge Latino fan base, a Mexican fan favourite is needed to travel the other way to fill the void.

    Sin Cara has the look of someone who could become a big star of the future but his move set has not transitioned successfully as many botched spots ruin the impact of his arrival. A move to SmackDown will allow WWE to iron out these issues without live TV embarrassments.

    SmackDown: 15

    Raw: 4

6) Big Show to Raw

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    WWE Champion (x2)

    ECW Champion (x1)

    World Tag Team Champion (x5)

    Current WWE Tag Team Champion (x3)

    United States Champion (x1)

    Hardcore Champion (x3)

    It seems like Big Show moves every year and this time he is back on Raw. But being that he is one half of the current Tag Team Champions it doesn't really matter until him and Kane lose their belts. I would expect to see him challenge his former Tag Team partner The Miz to a title match at some point, but other than that I see little Big Show can offer Raw beyond squashing up-and-coming heels.

    SmackDown: 15

    Raw: 6

7) Alberto Del Rio to Raw

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    2011 Royal Rumble Winner

    Del Rio is a future World Champion but this move could make him start from the bottom of the pile in his quest of destiny. Still, Raw now has one of the best new heels in the company and possibly the next World Heavyweight Champion. The pick is Raw's best one of the night, or at least on par with Rey Mysterio until Del Rio wins a championship.

    SmackDown: 15

    Raw: 10

8) John Cena to Raw

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    Really? WWE wasted, not one, but two draft picks just to tease the audience into thinking that their biggest star was going to SmackDown? Considering two of the matches were for two picks it would have just been better to spread them out over the night and had someone like Orton or Del Rio be the final pick of the night.

    I know it was always possible to be drafted twice but I feel like this was a waste of time and a complete disappointment.

    Instead of giving Raw any points I'll just take SmackDown's away since the score for gaining Cena would just cancel each other out.

    SmackDown: 10

    Raw: 10

And Its a Tie...

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    It ends up all tied up as the moves pretty much don't make any show gain or lose any importance.

    Now I know certain people here hate ties so I've declared a winner on the next slide just to appease you.

And the Winner Is John Cena

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    Yes the winner of the draft was not a brand but the face of the company as WWE wanted to show us that he was so big he had to be the attention of the night at least twice and in context the two most important picks. He opened the show and closed it.

    This of course makes the winner of the Ladder match at Extreme Rules predictable since we now all know (unless there is a shock Supplemental Draft) the WWE Championship will stay on Raw. SmackDown can't lose it's major title and thus Christian will be crowed the new World Champion this Sunday. So in a way Christian also benefits from tonight's event.