WWE Draft 2011 Results: The Winners and Losers

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 26, 2011

With this years draft over and providing no shocks whatsoever, it is time to look at who will benefit most from their respective moves and who has lost as a result.

With only eight draft picks being made, and only six superstars actually changing brands, the supplement draft seems to be the one to look forward to. That won’t be happening until 12 EST today.

All in all, the draft was a very disappointing affair and with two of the picks being wasted on John Cena, I feel more than a bit ripped off.

I’m pretty sure all other fans will feel done by as well, especially when you consider they could have used the two picks that Cena had on other superstars instead.




Alberto Del Rio

With Del Rio carving himself a main event spot regularly on SmackDown, it seems only natural that he is moved to the number one show Raw.

With this move, he can finally add some gold to his collection of cars and prove once and for all why is one of the biggest stars in the business right now.

Del Rio is a very talented man and exceptional on the mic. Raw will be better off with him on the show, and if he doesn’t take the Heavyweight title with him, expect him to be challenging for the WWE title soon enough.

Chances are though, that with Cena and Miz still being on Raw, unless moved in the supplemental, that Christian will claim his first title as they won’t have the two big ones on the same show.

Del Rio moving to Raw was one of my predictions too.


Brodus Clay

Riding high on the coattails of Del Rio, Clay has been an enforcer and occasional ring performer. In a previous article I stated that if he was separated from Del Rio, he could be one of the next breakout stars.

Now on SmackDown alone, Clay will have to start carving out his own singles career. With his size and power, he will be a force to be reckoned with and splitting him from Rio was the best thing they could have done.

This is all dependant on whether the supplemental still keeps them apart though.


Randy Orton

Along with Cena, Orton is a Superman of the WWE. Pulling victories out of nowhere when they seem impossible, it is unheard of for him to lose a match cleanly. He is also someone who doesn’t seem to put other stars over, due to his ego.

With Cena staying on Raw, Orton will now be going for gold on SmackDown. I honestly expect him to win the belt either before, or at, the next pay-per view.


Sin Cara

The high flying and exciting man from Mexico made a large and lasting impression upon his television debut. With his entrance being so high-risk, it was rumoured Vince McMahon was thinking of scrapping it altogether.

With him having done his entrance four times, twice live and twice on a recorded show, he has a 50 percent success rate. Both successes have come on recorded television and his moves have also come across a lot smoother when not live.

Another one of my picks to move, I stated the reason being that he needs to get used to the style of wrestling used in WWE, and being on the taped show without the pressures of being live, will be a lot better fit for him.





I know three of my winners belong to SmackDown, so it seems strange I would pick the show as a loser.

The reason I pick the show is because of Orton being drafted. It may be a winning move for Orton, because he will more than likely capture gold quickly, but it is that reason that SmackDown is a loser.

Orton is notorious for burying talent and, along with Cena, won’t lose cleanly.

With the departure of Edge, it was the perfect chance to build up some new stars, but instead they go for a veteran who wants all the glory for himself.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any rising superstars on SmackDown until he leaves again.


The IWC and Fans

As stated in my opening sentences, two of the draft picks were wasted on John Cena going to SmackDown and then being drafted back to Raw. This was a complete waste of time.

If they wanted to keep him on Raw then why draft him in the first place? They may think it adds excitement, but it doesn’t. As soon as he was drafted to SmackDown I told my wife he would be traded back by the end of the show. So not only was I expecting him to be drafted back, but I was disgusted that he was.

The two picks that went on Cena should have been used on some other superstars to get them some airtime instead.

Another thing that bothered me is; once drafted, why was his name not taken out of the pot?

So sadly, we are all the losers because they wasted our time and disappointed us all. Well, I imagine all of us were disappointed.


Big Show and Rey Mysterio

I honestly don’t see the point in these two being in the main draft; they should have been used in the supplemental instead.

Both men are nearing retirement and I can’t see them lasting until the next draft. Unless the WWE plans on doing something big with both men, then they are losing out by moving to Raw where they will be overshadowed by The Miz, Cena and Del Rio.


All in all, the draft was a disappointing affair and while a few of my picks came to fruition, the drafting of Cena twice ruined everything for me.

With the show only getting two hours, instead of the usual three, they wasted far too much time on promos and the Michael Cole match. If it was three hours long, they would have had the time to waste, but as such, they didn’t.

This was my first draft, and I have no faith that any other one will be better.

If I was to rate this draft, it would get a D- at most.

I will look to do another winners and losers article once the supplemental is over as well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my article.


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