Kimbo Slice: Don't Believe the Hype.

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Kimbo Slice: Don't Believe the Hype.

Kimbo Slice.

The King of the Web Brawlers.

In the past year, he has become the face of mainstream mixed martial arts.  Some fighters spend years toiling in obscurity, fighting in small organizations, with the hope that they are picked up by one of the major companies. 

Most of these guys will never get a shot despite incurring tons of injuries over the course of their careers.  Many of them have legitimate talent.  They just cannot afford the promotion it takes to get recognized.

Enter one Kevin Ferguson.  Kimbo Slice.  A Miami street fighting legend.  His fights in backyards against other "street fighters", and immortalized on "Youtube" have made him a household name.  And why not?  He certainly looks the part. 

He's 6'2, and a rock solid 235 pounds.  His gold teeth and Grizzly Adams beard scream Bad mofo who's about to smash your face in.  Watching him destroy people like Afro Puff and Chico, you certainly get the feeling that he is one of the baddest men to walk the streets.

Unfortunately, this is where hype meets reality.

Sure, he rolled right through Bo Cantrell and Tank Abbott.  But is that really anything to get excited about?  Cantrell was 10-10 when he fought Kimbo, and coming off a four-fight losing streak.  He had been soundly beaten by every top 30 fighter he had ever faced.  He's known to have a suspect chin and a penchant for standing toe to toe with people he shouldn't (Ken Shamrock anyone?).

Don't get me started on Tank Abbott.  Other than a couple of highlight real knockouts against a couple of scrubs, what has Tank ever accomplished in MMA?  In fact, his career pretty much parallels Kimbo in that he was an overrated brawler who's legend proved to be mightier than the reality.

The James Thompson fight showed us what Kimbo was made of.  Thompson, a journeyman known for his gong rush and get ko'd quickly style, dominated Kimbo for two-and-a-half rounds before a bs stoppage to save the Slice legacy. 

Interestingly enough, Thompson who has been KO's by just about everybody, was able to take everything Kimbo had.  While Kimbo did rock him a time or two, he was unable to put him away.  Something that should have been unfathomable.  I mean after all, former EliteXC president Gary Shaw said Kimbo was the best striker in the world.

Kimbo would have most likely beaten Ken Shamrock, but come on.  Ken is a shell of his former self.  A relic of an era when Jiu Jitsu was unheard of, and Keith Hackney could submit Joe Son with repeated shots to the balls.  I mean he got knocked out by Sakuraba for pete's sake.

Instead, he had to fight Seth Petruzelli.  A solid if unspectacular Light Heavyweight whose claims to faim were a losing stint on "The Ultimate Fighter", and a flash knockdown of Bob Sapp in K-1.  Of course, those credentials were far greater than anythign ol' Kimbo could muster.  And then of course the "impossible" happened:  Petruzelli knocked Kimbo out.  In 14 seconds no less.

Look, I have nothing against Kimbo personally.  I respect the man for going out and earning a living for his family.  I' ve heard he's a nice guy underneath the "tough guy" persona he uses in interviews. 

The fact of the matter is though that MMA is a sport. 

The fighters are professional athletes who have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in the gym.  Because you knocked out a couple of bums at somebody's barbecue doesn't make you a headliner on national TV.

Kimbo Slice was exposed as a one-dimensional brawler with a suspect chin.  Anyone with any knowledge saw this coming.  Kimbo is in actuality, an MMA novice.  He has only five fights (one amateur) under his belt, and its really unfair to expect him to be able compete with the top level fighters. 

That said, Kimbo egged his hype on with interviews spouting how he could knock out Chuck Liddell, and about how bad he was, so I don't feel sorry for him in the least.

At 34 years old he will never be a top level fighter, however he has enough popularity that he could probably headline a few WWE pay-per-views.

Face it Kimbo, you got your 15 minutes, and the gods that be may give you 15 minutes more, but you've been exposed as a below-average mixed martial artists who doesn't deserve to headline an event.

Dana White is rolling over in his grave laughing out loud and he isn't even dead yet.

-Jago Shiru

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