WWE Draft 2011: Thoughts on Cena, Orton, Del Rio and the Rest of the Draft

William SmithContributor IIIApril 26, 2011

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Wow, so that was an interesting night on RAW.

The night began with John Cena being drafted to SmackDown, which certainly shocked the hell out of me, but I had a feeling that Cena would end up back on RAW by the end of the night. And I was right. Cena is just too big a star to not be on RAW.

I understand what WWE was trying to do with this situation. Cena being drafted to SmackDown showed that anything could happen at the draft. Do I feel like it was a bit of a perfectly good waste of two draft picks? Yeah, you could say that, but WWE simply wanted to screw with everyone and it worked.

The IWC exploded in the minutes following Cena's draft to SmackDown.

As expected, Randy Orton was drafted to SmackDown, where he will be the big star of that show in the absence of The Undertaker and Edge. I'm not quite sure who he's going to feud with, though, because Alberto Del Rio was drafted to RAW tonight.

There doesn't appear to be any main event heels on the blue brand for Orton to faceoff with. At this point, you have to expect that they'll be turning somebody heel on SmackDown.

My question is: What does this mean for the World Heavyweight Championship? The Miz wasn't drafted to SmackDown and Alberto Del Rio is now on RAW. So, if Alberto wins, RAW will have both of the world titles.

And surely Christian won't win the world title on Sunday. However, the thought of a heel Christian taking on Randy Orton in a feud over the title could be quite interesting. I doubt that's where they're going to go, but we'll see.

As for the rest of the draft, nothing too exciting. Rey Mysterio was sent to RAW and Sin Cara was moved to SmackDown, while Mark Henry also went to SmackDown and turned heel at the end of the night (maybe he'll feud with Orton or Christian?). And also, Big Show went to RAW, which is just a move that's just there. Nothing major will come of it.

I'm very curious to see what happens at Extreme Rules and how they will take care of all of the situations coming out of the draft.