WWE Draft 2011 Results: Alberto Del Rio Drafted to Raw

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2011

With Cena returning to Raw, Christian is now poised for his first World Championship reign. So where does that leave Alberto?

Del Rio could easily take on John Cena (who should win the WWE Championship). This seems to be the obvious feud for Del Rio. He is the WWE's up-and-coming star and has all the potential to be great. It will be interesting to see how he will fit in in the heel-heavy Raw.

Miz, CM Punk and Del Rio are the three top heels in the WWE, and they are all on Raw. It has been rumored that the Miz may turn face. I think that could help Raw, but I do not see that as a possibility. The WWE will not turn one of its top heels into a face.

Del Rio could become the WWE Champion by this summer. Once he does win his World Championship, he will finally become the WWE's top heel. Until then he can feud with the WWE's top star, John Cena. Hopefully, Del Rio will not take on Rey Mysterio again. But with Raw's limited face market this is a possibility.

The draft seems to have created more questions than answers. I hope you Bleachers will leave your comments below and help solve some of these questions.

Thanks for reading.

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