NFL Draft 2011: Could Jake Locker Be Seattle's Next Tim Lincecum?

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NFL Draft 2011: Could Jake Locker Be Seattle's  Next Tim Lincecum?
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Local product plays his collegiate career at the University of Washington. Though he shows tremendous potential, there are questions about his ability to succeed at the next level.

Sound familiar?

Just as some questioned Tim Lincecum's durability due to his size, some are questioning Jake Locker's accuracy due to his past performance. The Seattle Mariners decided to pass on Tim Lincecum in the 2006 MLB draft.

Two Cy Young awards and a World Series ring later, it would be an understatement to say that the Mariners made a mistake. If the Seahawks make a similar choice, will they regret it as much as the Mariners?

There is a chance that the Seahawks will not be forced to make a similar decision. Several draft boards show Locker going in the middle of the first round. 

However, the chance remains that Locker may fall just as Aaron Rodgers did a few years ago. If that is the case, Locker may still be an option at pick No. 25. If that occurs, the Seahawks will have a difficult decision to make.

Though the Seahawks were able to sneak into the playoffs this year, they have an aging quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck with questionable long-term options behind him. The Seahawks have more pressing needs, but quarterback is a position that will be on their mind come draft day.

Should the Seattle Seahawks draft Jake Locker?

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Some would fault the Seahawks for taking a quarterback at this spot. However, it is undeniable that the need for a legitimate long-term option at this position exists.

Choosing Jake Locker at this spot in the draft would be a risk for the Seahawks. No one will really know for sure whether Locker will be a more accurate passer until he steps on the field in a real NFL game.

On the other hand, the Seahawks will receive a quarterback with tons of potential to be a good starter. In addition, this pick will create a lot of buzz in a city where the Mariners are quickly falling out of contention.

If the Seahawks decide to pass on Locker at No. 25 and pick based on other needs, few will fault them initially. However, there is always a chance that he may just become the next Tim Lincecum.

Locker becoming a superstar outside of Seattle would just add to the growing list of heartbreaks in recent years. 

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